What Happened in Salem: Week of January 26th

Clyde found himself shot and buried under a bunch of fake snow. Meanwhile…

Serena realized that Nicole had backed up the contents of her laptop to a flash drive and confronted her in front of Eric and Daniel. Nicole called in her source, Ted/Edward, to confirm her story, but it turned out that he was a disturbed, delusional individual to whom Serena had shown great compassion, so once again, Serena came out smelling like a rose and Nicole wound up reeking like a big piece of poop. Daniel ended their relationship, which for some reason upset Nicole even though all it means is that she no longer needs to get dressed up to have him berate her. To be fair, trying to argue that “a medical journalist didn’t cite her sources properly” is headline news that the public needs to know isn’t exactly a compelling argument. Wait til Titan TV catches wind of the rumor that Ciara cheated on her book report!

Read the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem this week!

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