You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Am I nuts, or has this week felt much more interesting and momentum-bearing than the past several weeks? I really love the choice to have Kate be the one in whom Will confided about his affair, and it’s so Kate to be like, “Sonny doesn’t have to find out, as long as you’re sure this was a one-time thing.” Victor having Clyde shot — and the suspense of waiting to see who will discover him and when — feels like action. Even the obnoxious Nicole/Serena feud was at least paced interestingly in Wednesday’s episode, with that tense back-and-forth as Nicole brought in Ted and Serena was cornered.

And then there’s this.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.45.09 AM

(Sorry, I literally could not capture a screenshot from this scene in which both his eyes were actually open, because there was not such a moment.)

I don’t know what happened, but it’s as if someone found a way to hit the reset button on Drake Hogestyn’s portrayal of John and on the writing for him. This is the John I remember from 2007 and earlier, a lovable hero who reminds you of your best friend’s kind-of-embarrassing dad. He’s stopped doing that weird, gruff voice that he seemed to be stuck in since the days of RoboJohn, and he isn’t behaving like an a-hole. I have to say, as exhausted as I was of John and Marlena at a certain point, it’s really nice having them on the show and together, playing supporting roles in other storylines. And Marlena’s phone call with Stefano was classic Days.

That said, it wouldn’t be our Days if there weren’t something completely ridiculous afoot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.51.27 AM

Do the wardrobe people ever go out into the real world, or have they just picked up their concept of how women dress by watching a lot of porn? Because Jordan up there put on a minidress with leather shoulders to go to her job as a physical therapist. This is a job that requires, you know, physical activity. There’s a reason people in the medical profession dress a certain way. You don’t see Meredith Grey showing up for surgery in assless chaps, do you? No. You can’t just slap a lab coat over your hoochie dress and call yourself a doctor, Tammy Sue!

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9 Comments on “You Take the Good, You Take the Bad”

  1. Andie Says:

    I found her mentality on cheating/her reaction othing short of her character. interesting that Will confided in Grandma Kate the same homewrecker who had an affair with Bill Horton which produced his Dad, Lucas AND put Laura in the looney bin.
    Haha Jordan Ridgeway sounds like a porn name and she does look like she belongs in a cheesy SkinaMax soft core porn “Physical TheRAPIST 2.” I don’t know if her boyfriend, the actor who played Fox Crane on Passions would approve.
    In regards to John and Marlena, they were brought back a few years ago by popular demand however they are under utilized. Is it a matter of issues budget problems so they can’t afford to pay them to on status beyond “reoccurring cast” members? Are DH and DH not as available anymore due to other commitments? Does the TPTB feel John and Marlena are past their prime and there is less interest? We don’t see many couples/chatacters on regularly anymore who are older than Hope and Jennifer which is sad bc I think we could use a Tom/Alice OR Shawn/Caroline right now. Many people such as myself who watched Days in the ’80s is still scratching their heads over Maggie having a romance/marriage with Victor soon after Mickey died.

    • Andie Says:

      *ARE still scratching their heads

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think both DHs desperately want to be working on Days. I suspect they’ve been dubbed “too old.” The characters were definitely played out by their 2009 exit, and when they brought them back, trying to cram these 60-somethings into action storylines and have them lead the show felt very weird. I’ve really enjoyed Marlena in a more supporting role, and I haven’t understood why TPTB seemed to have it out for John and were determined to make him such a jerk. I hope we get a final wedding for them…

      I always kind of saw them or Bo/Hope as being the next Tom & Alice. Between Eric, Brady, Will, and the possibility of Paul being John’s kid, John and Marlena have a good little brood in town to play off of. I wouldn’t even necessarily a return by Belle (new actress and better writing, though!).

      • Dan Says:

        Will made the right choice in terms of keeping this story interesting. Of course Kate recommends that Will keep quiet and lie, but when has that ever worked for Kate? I love Kate, but I would pay to see Lisa Rinna return to town for one episode to warn Will about what happens when you fall under Kate’s spell. I will be forever thankful to Tomsell for Billie’s beautiful departure from Salem.

        What was really nice about Nicole’s arc is that Nicole came off well. Initially, she dismissed Ted until Serena decided to play rough at the opening of the club. Then, Nicole decided to play dirty, without thinking, which is her M.O. When presented with the opportunity to choose between ruining Serena and choosing Daniel, she chose Daniel. This was all really great (well, I would have preferred Brady in the Daniel role). When Serena decides to confront Nicole, Nicole didn’t cower; she was open and honest about what she did. And honestly, I felt Daniel was a jackass, but as long as I don’t have to witness Nicole sobbing about how she needs to win Daniel back, I’ll be fine.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That Billie exit was so great. I actually do hope they’re able to snag Rinna for the 50th anniversary. It would be nice to see Billie, and I suspect Rinna would do it.

        Nicole’s decision-making process was presented well — but of course, no one is going to care/believe her AGAIN. I wish she were just strong enough not to care about any of these morons!

  2. kathy Says:

    My biggest nightmare type fear is that Marlena and John will suck up screen time like they did in the past. Drake has a certain charm and finding a new son storyline would be tolerable.

    I would love to see a strong Nicole leave Daniel and especially Eric in the dust. She is worth so much more.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Same. I hope the days of them eating the show and everything revolving around their eternal love are over — but I like seeing them happy and as professionals, parents, and friends.

      I want justice for Nicole! This is such crap.

  3. Erin L. Says:

    What are y’all talking about. I am massage therapist in a Doctors office and I always wear my clubbing attire to work. It gives my patients sense of professionalism. It’s so easy working on people in 6 inch spikes.

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