Friday Foolishness

“Eve! We have to help Paige! She’s flirting with a 37-year-old man!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.29.11 AM

If this Cole is a college freshman, then I’m the Princess of Amburg (or wherever the hell Gina and Greta were from).

I almost hurled my red wine kale smoothie (go with it) at the TV when JJ and Eve got all close and huffy and then started making out. Is this how the Days writing staff thinks sex works? Once you’ve had sex with someone, any time you’re alone with that person, you absolutely cannot resist banging again? Because that is not true and would also make some of my brunches very uncomfortable, let me tell you.

Kudos to whomever wrote the script for Friday’s episode, though. There were some genius lines:

Rory (to Paige): “I used to think you were boring, but I think I gave you too much credit.”

The voice of the audience!

Kate: I picked up a very unsettling vibe.
Victor: Should I call you Celeste?

Kate: I’ve heard that a clash of the titans is imminent.
Victor: There’s only one Titan in this town. Your friend wants to start a dynasty, he should stick to ducks.

And then you had Victor calling upon history to liken Clyde to Kate’s ex, Curtis! I’ve been dying for someone to bring that up.

I guess we know why they had to downsize the Kiriakis living room, too: because Kate was raiding the decor for accessories!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.44.30 AM

That necklace — is that or is it not a tassel from the old drapes? The print on that dress is sort of out there, but I think I love it (except for how those two magenta spots look like they’re marking her boobs).

Dresses I did not like:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.28.15 AM

She looks like both a prostitute and a linebacker, which is not a combination I’m sure has ever been seen in Salem before, so… congrats?

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17 Comments on “Friday Foolishness”

  1. Jayme Says:


    I literally just started watching Friday’s episode when you posted this and had to stop. When exactly did Nicole turn into Brigitte Nielsen? And at the rate Kate’s been going with her accessories, it’s only a matter of time before she starts sporting a grill with a clock around her neck. Actually, those 2 together would be the super couple to end all super couples. They’re perfect for each other!

    I also had to stop for a moment because this Eve/JJ stuff is just nuts. Like you said, the execution of this storyline has been terrrrible. I almost wish Eve was purposely seducing JJ to get back at Jennifer, similar to how Kristen targeted Brady to get back at John. It just means Paige would have to disappear. So…see ya’ later, Paige! And take your patchwork jeans with you. In fact, take JJ’s too.

    • Dylan Says:

      The “seducing for revenge” would make a thousand times more sense than this nonsense.. I don’t believe that they would hook up/almost hook up even once, much less again.. None of this makes sense. Then we have Paige walking around making poop-smelling face and obsessing about who he may have slept with.. The only interesting part will be when people find out that JJ & Eve were together – yuck!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Nicole’s look somehow gets more and more absurd every episode! Also, I feel like I’ve already seen Kate raid Flava Flav’s accessories drawer.

      I don’t get who we are supposed to be caring about in this JJ/Eve thing. JJ’s a weak-willed idiot, Paige is a drip, Eve is a terrible person…

      But yes, take JJ’s jeans. In fact, take all of his clothes!

  2. Dan Says:

    From a purely logistical sense, I get Eve/J.J. Clearly, J.J. is suppose to be drawing upon his player past and letting his baser instincts take over. With Eve, I suspect she is drawn to J.J. because, as we are told, J.J. is a carbon copy of Jack, and Eve seems to be drawn to a certain type of man. The problem is none of the proper subtext appeared anywhere leading up, during, or after the hook ups. Eve has been spewing venom about J.J. since the minute she arrived in Salem and J.J. has never appeared to do anything but hate Eve’s guts. While it sounds like I’m defending this shit, I do understand this is just a steaming pile on the screen.

    If the show was smart, they would have had J.J. learn about Eve’s prostitute past and blackmail Eve into silence about his relationship with Paige. Then, when it did come out, Paige could hate J.J. and Eve equally. I would have softened the blow by having J.J. confess to Rory the blackmail scheme was a ruse; he could never tell Paige about Eve’s past because it would hurt her too much. At which point, I would have brought Paige’s bio dad in and have him snuggle up to Jennifer Devereaux and allow round 5 or 6 of the Eve / Jennifer feud.

    The Clyde/Victor stuff really works for me and Victor reinforced my acceptance of Clyde and Kate with his Curtis Reed reference. Good times. Once Tammy Sue is gone, I really think this could all work. Personally, I would really like to see some Clyde/Maggie interactions. Victor has been throwing this hillbilly term around left and right, but I assume he’s aware of his own wife’s rural upbringing. I would like to see some rather nice internal conflict between Victor / Maggie as Clyde / Victor continues especially with Maggie being torn over the relationship between her niece Abigail and the son of her husband’s enemy Ben.

    The women on this show are dressed so poorly. Eve’s black jacket made that green jewelry stand out. The jewelry looked nice with the dress, but seemed off with the jacket.

    Production really needs an overhaul.

    • mykleraus Says:

      JJ blackmailing Eve would’ve been sooooo much more interesting than this affair. I don’t hate the basic idea of JJ and Eve hooking up, but I don’t buy it becoming an affair or an ongoing thing. You’re right — none of the subtext has been there, and I have no idea who to root for or care about in this. Everyone’s a shitty person, and the only one who isn’t (Paige) is boring to the point of making me homicidal. It’s just very sloppy.

      You make great points about Clyde and Maggie. I do wish they’d play up that part of Maggie’s history instead of just playing her as this Horton society matron. Everything you describe would help make this stuff pop. They were wise to interject Victor into this, though; it at least makes me WANT to engage with the Clyde stuff.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    if Rafe could get Foofie Foofie at his new club THAT would be a GET…..and liven things up…..

  4. Andie Says:

    Haha 😄 Cole looks like a very haggard version of the actor Nick Stahl from the movie Bully, “drugs are bad, m’kay!” I don’t understand why they HAD to bring thar loser back again.
    I almost died laughing at Victor’s Celeste comment especially because Kate wardrobe/accessories remind me of a physic/fourtune teller. What ever happened to Celeste anyways? Victor’s comparison of Clyde to Curtis is spot on, glad somebody finally brought that up. 😄

    • mykleraus Says:

      He looks like how Nick Stahl looks now! (Google it. Or don’t.)

      Remember FakeCeleste? I think she just vanished after Lexie’s death.

      • Andie Says:

        LOL 😄 yeah he looks like him now in his 30s, I couldn’t recall any other movies Nick Stahl was in (besides Bully) with out looking it up. I guess Celeste was no longer needed and she was devastated after Alexandria died, they could have at least given her a quick exit story. I keep wanting to see Celeste on a psychic friends or fortune telling infomercial like Jaf-faken accent Miss Cleo 😉 Some posters on another messages board with a keen eye noticed the common area and the stairs at Salem U looked an awful lot like the pier set we haven’t seen in at least 2 years.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That arch is totally the one from the old park set and from the lost half of the Town Square!

  5. The whole storyline with Nicole and Daniel is absurd- he wouldnt’t forgive Jen the love of his life for her misdeeds but thinks he is the luckiest man in the world for Nicole ?
    -the most terrible, selfish person ever created on a soap

    • mykleraus Says:

      I find the whole thing weird. He knows exactly who Nicole is and what she’s done/is capable of. Yet he keeps acting shocked when he finds out new things, and he doesn’t WANT to trust her. Why even attempt to be with her?!

  6. I also agree that the JJ/Eve storyline is absurd too – I have watched this show off and on since 93 when Doc was possessed but that was fun – some of these are so stupid – I keep saying I am going to quit but…..

  7. […] in stating that this is an absolute fucking nightmare. As if this dress weren’t bad enough the first time, they had to slap on a confusing and unflattering jacket that looks like the loser of a Project […]

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