A Brief Positive Note

The most compelling thing I have to say about Wednesday’s episode is that Jen Lilley looks fantastic lately.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.31.45 AM

I’ve always thought she was very pretty, but the longer, wavy hair really suits her, and she’s one of the consistently better-dressed characters. This look with the beanie was so cute. Theresa in general is really growing on me of late (perhaps because she at least has a damn point-of-view and the actress has some sense of how to convey emotion).

This is vaguely related to her story, so I’ll add it here: this Brady/Melanie stuff is such a snoozefest that it’s making me want to go to the park, snatch up some coke, dump it all over my grandfather’s tacky coffee table, and hoover it up right there for the butler and my AA sponsor and every unannounced visitor to see. I get what they’re going for — and I think the actors and characters do have chemistry — but could they have come up with a duller, more perfunctory way to play it out? “I think I have feelings for you.” “Okay, let’s kiss.” “Cool, now let’s go sit and talk about whether we should date.” Yawwwwwwn. Doesn’t everyone remember the epic love story in which Patch and Kayla met, and then went to eat hot dogs on a bench and discuss whether they should fall in love, and then they did and that was the end? OH WAIT. I don’t get why Brady and Melanie couldn’t have deepened their friendship, leaning on one another for support, and then when the whole Kristen-and-the-stolen-embryo thing comes up, they get thrown into some life-or-death situation and realize they might have deeper feelings for one another. Or something! Anything that doesn’t involve sitting at Club TBD and yakking about whether dating is a good idea! At least send them on a Budget Date where they go to the batting cages or bowling or skydiving and we see them afterward, exhilarated, or something. Please?

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9 Comments on “A Brief Positive Note”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    I don’t hate Mel and Brady as a couple but PLEASE do something interesting with them!

    • Dylan Says:

      I really hope they don’t take them down the road of Jordan/Rafe and JJ/Paige – “we like each other! Now let’s just have boring conversations all the time.” We’ll see what happens I guess

      • mykleraus Says:

        They always do that with new couples. It’s so weird. Stretch it out! This is the part of the story where you SHOULDN’T have to come up with ways to make a happy couple interesting.

  2. Andie Says:

    Did you ever see the Days cast headshots? Jen Lilly had longer blonde hair. 😄 I think it’s because of the character Maxine she played on GH while Kristen Storms (Belle) was off. Lilly can shave her head like GI Jane and still be gorgeous. She is consistsntly the best dressed woman on the show next to Nicole (even if some of her dresses her too sexy for the hospital). I’m glad Theresa “got some” and is moving on even though people don’t know Clint paint him as a loser, druggie, asshole, etc.

    The way the Melanie-Brady romance is playing out is lame, boring, and seems forced. I agree, the two dates to talk about dating were ridiculous. OK must know, why the heck did Melanie return from Europe behaving like she’s regressed to Parker’s age? Her voice sounds like a modulated cupie doll; the acting and facial contortions are too over the top. She has more tics than Brady’s Rolex and she sqwaks more than Candian Geese. Did see do drugs with Carly? Head injury from a skiing accident? Undiagnosed Torrents? I don’t recall her behaving this way the last time she was on. Also, they really made a dog’s dinner out of her hair and clothing. She dressed more chic and sophisticated when she was 18. Now she looks like she just rolled out of bed and doesn’t give a f—; she’s either dresses like she’s going to a hoe down at Cheatin Heart or wearing something fugly from the early ’90s–that ill-fitted flower dress she had on to visit Gabi was the worst so far, first runner up was that burgundy sweater which looked like a V-neck on backwards and it would be appropriate for a scoliosis exam. 😉 Are they trying to play up the fact that she’s too flighty/immature/inexperienced for a grown ass man like Brady? I actually agree with Maggie about Brady not jumping into a relationship. I have a feeling Brady will get migrane headaches and get addicted to pain killers having listening to her sqwaking.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, that was definitely her GH hair. I like that Lilley and Theresa are finally coming into their own. She honestly feels like the most viable “replacement” for Sami available. I hope they keep giving her weighty stuff — and delve into her backstory to explore why she’s such a mess!

      Melanie has always been like this. It’s just more glaring now that she’s 25 and not 18, I think. And LOL about Brady needing pain pills to deal with her squawking — it’s true! She’s actually good when they don’t WRITE this frantic, lazy rom-com babbling for her, too.

      • Andie Says:

        I adore Theresa aside from her being goregous and stylish, she is entertaining and so multi-layered. I especially enjoy her scenes with Anne.
        I would like Theresa’s back story in LA revealed as well so we have explaination of how she got into drugs and why she is the way she is. We didn’t get too much out of her intervention after she OD’ef other than some real emotion and brief bonding with her parents and extended family. All we know is ISA Shane was MIA much of the time bc he was out saving the world; Kimberly was crazy for a while before she went back to school and changed careers. I think Kim talked about her time in Law School. I think bringing back Theresa’s older brother Andrew back to Salem (I recall his birth and early years) would be an excellent link to Theresa’s past. Aside from the fact he is part of the Brady family and it’s sad how empty their family functions are looking these ‘Days.’
        No offense to Molly Burnett she’s a good actress and I heard she can sing too. They should showcase the musical talents in the show more often. Honestly I don’t recall Melanie ‘acting’ this way last time she was on.

      • mykleraus Says:

        We could definitely do with an Andrew Donovan. I’d take him over Ben, for sure! And I think it’d be safe for Abigail to get with him without setting off the incest detector…

  3. kathy Says:

    Jen Lilley bears a striking resemblance to a young Susan Seaforth Hayes.

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