You’ll Find Me In Da Club

Will everyone get mad at me if I say that I [gulp] enjoyed Friday’s episode a lot?

The stuff at Victor’s New Club (why are names so hard to come by in this town?) was just so much fun. I’m not even going to harp on how Victor apparently bought the club that morning, offered Rafe the job midday, and had the damn thing opening by nighttime, because he’s Victor Kiriakis. The club was actually populated with people and didn’t look outrageously lame, Theresa meeting Rafe was a great use of onscreen history and a lot of fun, and there was also this:


Then you had Maggie walking in on Brady and Melanie, which I thought was going to make me scream but actually turned out to be reasonably heartfelt and interesting as Mel turned Maggie’s own relationship with Victor around on her. The Lucas/Adrienne bonding is enjoyable, if a little quiet, and I was impressed with how they actually used the specifics of Will’s coming-out — like, referencing actual events! — to have him try and get through to Paul. Plus, there was no Jordan and no Paige! I could have done without seeing Daniel and Nicole getting it on in the shower, but at least a) it was a nod to Daniel practicing some form of hygiene and b) it was a relief to see Nicole avoid the temptation to do something self-destructive for once.

Can next week be more like this and less like the four days of Jordan barking at Ben and Clyde we had earlier this week? Please?

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20 Comments on “You’ll Find Me In Da Club”

  1. Dan Says:

    Friday was solid, but I also didn’t mind this week as much as you did. I do admit the show’s stories are too quiet for DAYS, but I really enjoy the cast and the way they are positioning some of the characters. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will last.

    I loved Theresa’s attempt to land a man. I was surprised that Theresa has been in Salem this long and not learned who Rafe is. Granted, he was in a coma when she arrived you’d think there would have been some overlap somewhere especially since Rafe has been so entrenched in the Brady orbit over the years. Theresa hitting on Eric was funny, but I do love their relationship. It works for me.

    I really like the new nightclub. It actually looks like somewhere real people might go. Ultimately, Club TBD was a bad idea. We do need a decent upscale restaurant, I would settle for a slightly larger version of the Chicago place that Hope and Aiden went to a while back.

    Maggie didn’t go overboard, but I didn’t need the constant barging in of Mel and Brady. I did appreciate Maggie calling them on it, but it was still a bit much.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The new club set actually works as a club, which impressed me. But how often are we going to NEED a nightclub? I think we’ve seen TBD be used for nighttime stuff about twice — once for the opening, and again for the Sami/EJ engagement party where Chad got shot. It’s a really strange space.

      I love the emerging Theresa/Eric dynamic. They’re so different, and the show would be smart to play that up.

  2. Andie Says:

    I really enjoyed Friday’s episode as well especially the club scene. Thanks for the Gif of Anne dancing, I couldn’t figure out if she was doing the Roger Rabbit or a Reverse Runningman.
    I think the way Sarena treated Nicole at the club will compel Nicole’s to call the anonymous source with the “dirt” on Sarena next week.
    As for Maggie walking in on Melanie and Brady making out, it’s bound to happen because they both live with their folks especially if they are doing something “super secret” in a common area living room. Brady never learned his lesson he often knocked back cognac and did massive rails of coke off the coffee table! I can understand why Melanie is staying with Daniel however I can’t ascertain why Brady who is loaded still lives at Grandpa Vic’s.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Brady was absolutely ridiculous with the drugs at the mansion. You’re gonna do coke off the damn coffee table in a house where 3-6 other people live and visitors are constantly just marching into the living room?

      Melanie staying with Daniel really icks me out, for some reason. It’s like they’re roommates, not father and daughter, especially because they didn’t meet until they were adults.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    i’m off the grid for good i think… just didn’t keep my interest after sami and ej left or died to come back and what happened to eileen davidson?i guess she will be pregnant for the next 3 years??

    I STILL check in here to scope stuff out tho!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was gonna say, watch just enough to make snarky comments! I would miss those.

    • Andie Says:

      Don’t worry, Kristen will be back to the Days set this March and we are going to see her again this summer very pregnant! 😃
      I’m wondering if Brady will think the baby is Daniel’s? Speaking of Daniel, I hope Kristen doesn’t have most of scenes with him next time. Also, I hope Daniel doesn’t deliver the baby. My guess is Melanie and Brady will not stay in a relationship for long…Kristen will probably have Chad chase Melanie AND whenever it’s revealed the baby is Brady’s and Theresa’s will cause drama and a rift too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I can’t figure out how all the pieces will fit together. I’m guessing the Kristen/Daniel almost-hook-up was so that Brady will think the baby is his. Is Kristen going to try and convince Brady that they had one last bang while he was f*cked up?

  4. Jayme Says:

    I loooooved Friday’s episode. The club (let’s call it…Rafehouse?) is a great addition to the show. The cast is pretty young and it makes sense to have a place like this where lots of characters could interact, rather than just randomly running into each other at the mall or bizarro Club TBD that’s not quite a coffee shop, not exactly a restaurant and definitely not a ‘club’ club. I see a lot of potential use for it: a gay night (I would DIE), live performances (Eve attempting her comeback, croaking out ‘Let It Go’ and then having hate sex with JJ in the bathroom), or a bullshit speaker’s corner night like the one Sonny wanted to have at Common Grounds(?) when he tried to convince John that his customers would just love hearing a random dude taking about how he once dated a sociopath.

    Having both the club and Club TBD seems a bit much though. These look like huge sets, not to mention the town square. I’m ok with shrinking the mansions (totally agree with you on the Kiriakas redo. Yikes), but there are some key players that desperately need homes. Hope’s storyline is starting to take shape and I need to see her grounded in her own home…not at the park in the dead of winter talking to Abe on a bench WITHOUT A COAT. Gurrrl it’s January!

    • mykleraus Says:

      YES YES YES.

      Lol to Eve croaking out “Let It Go.” I hadn’t thought about the performance thing, but it actually IS a good spot for that stuff. And maybe the fact that it’s a nightclub means that we’ll have more episodes set at night. Everyone’s always rushing around at high noon being as dramatic as can be in their cocktail dresses. It’s bizarre.

      It seems like they’re trying to diversify the sets a bit. I really miss Hope’s house (but I’m actually glad we have the main Horton house). I still think it’s a huge waste for Ben to have an apartment. And I want Maggie’s house (kitchen) back!

      • Andie Says:

        Sarena was not only blaming Nicole for the weather, accusing Nicole of stalking her again, accusing her of dumping her 3 Olives Dirty Martini on purpose but, Sarena was jealous Nicole looked better than her. Sarena’s blue cocktail dress was so short/unflattering on her, I thought we would catch a “bad moon rising” or her hoo-hoo. The dress made her look like a giant blue Xmas ball ornament; I swear it was mainly made of liquid latex and blue spray on glitter glue. Also, Sarena’s coat looked like it was made out of tinsel and the fur of several white charpets? How many of those doggies had to die so Sarena could look so ridiculous? Jordan’s dress Chad brought her looks like the same exact sparkly Jessica Rabbit gown she wore to WilSon’s wedding last year? Way to go Chadwick buying back the dress Jordan sold to Salem’s most upscale consignment shop “New to You” a year ago. 😄

      • mykleraus Says:

        That was exhausting. I can’t believe this story will go any way BUT Serena being a lunatic and Nicole ultimately being proven right — but they’ve done weirder things on this show. The writing is just so heavy-handed and so focused on “Nicole wrong! Serena right!”

      • Andie Says:

        I don’t understand why Ben gets a nice apartment but, meanwhile Hope and Aiden who are about 50 have to get hotel rooms like two horny teens/young adults who still reside with their parents. We saw Hope’s home (at least a room of it) likely the NBC green room where Hope drafted the “Dear John, I mean Bo” letter. What happened to the Brady House (where Roman lives), Marlena’s Loft, the Horton Cabin (not seen since Abbygate a year ago), and Chez Rouge?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Roman hasn’t had a house in FOREVER. I feel like they should just say he lives above the pub so it’s less sad at this point. And we haven’t seen Marlena’s townhouse since “MarDar” left in 2012. I still miss her penthouse so much!

    • Andie Says:

      I’m not sure if TBD will stay in business after this new club has taken away their evening/late night business unless the modify for example having a full food menu and actual events like karaoke/bands.

      TBD=To Be Dismantled, someone else will need an Apt; Two Broke Dudes, that’s WilSon right now; To Be Downsized, bye bye some staff/shorter operation hours; Tootaloo Ben Dumbass, after seeing Spoliers I don’t think Ben will have a job there anymore; To Bequeath to Dimeras’, I think Contractor Keith who was in charge of renovating “The Titanic” epic fail south side club is on the Dimera payroll and ordered by Chad to sabotage the roof, plumbing, etc so Sonny sunk more money in and he wouldn’t be able to afford to open the new club AND Chad can swoop in an take more control of TBD.

      • Dylan Says:

        I always thought it was TBD = To Be Determined, but all of those apply certainly

      • mykleraus Says:

        I was SO annoyed when that turned out to be the name. It felt like a shitty wink at the audience, like, “Look, we’re too lazy to come up with something clever!”

      • mykleraus Says:

        Hahahahaha. TBD is so useless to me. A Java Café, Cheatin’ Heart, or Chez Rouge would all be more useful than that place at this point.

      • Andie Says:

        Indeed TBD is a stupid name. The decor is hideous. What a waste building/decorating the TBD set properly ate up a bulk of the budget! I want to mute the TV cheesy sax/flutey loop smooth jazz (which at times resembles sound effects of a penis going flaccid) bc it is ALWAYS playing during TBD scenes and gets on my last nerve. I don’t think a hipster coffee house/club is a good fit in a small town like Salem; the club would flourish someplace more urban in a neighborhood filled with Art Deco condos and Pho places. I saw nothing wrong with the Java Cafe, it was more homey and a much better “fit.” I think there needs to be a pizza parlor and deli too. There is a full menu at Brady Pub and Mandaly (which is basically just a porch/store front) but, we hardly see anyone ever eat! Evidently they get their nourishment off liquids. Poor Hope, she has only been seen eating after dinner mints w/ wine, fro yo, and movie theater candy in the past 6 months. Other than seeing the characters eat sometimes, I think pets in scenes would add be a nice touch. People should walk their dogs in Horton Square. I could picture Theresa having a chihuahua. Other than Jordan’s cat Arthur, I don’t recall seeing pets since Calliope had a dog wedding in 1987ish. Oh yeah, you mentioned a dog in the Mickey/Maggie/Bonnie 3 way (which I must see) 😄

      • mykleraus Says:

        I would love to have pets, but I get why they’re restrictive production-wise. Didn’t Nicole have one, too? I think that was the last one besides Bonnie’s dog, Max (who stopped existing after they cast Max Brady).

        I can live with the Brady Pub as “the casual restaurant,” but it’s so annoying how people meet there and then talk about going to a nice dinner elsewhere that we never get to see. Sonny should team up with Maggie to convert TBD into an upscale eatery. They could use it for business lunches, grabbing a martini, and fancy date nights. It would be almost the same, just with a better name and less of a stupid premise.

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