I’ve Never Been So Engaged in a Story

You’d think I would be able to work up a little more emotion about a woman being slammed against the wall by the stepfather who raped her as a teenager, but all I’ve got is “meh.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.58.51 AM

What is the point of any of this? So now Jordan caused the car accident that not only killed her mother/Clyde’s wife, but also the baby said mother was carrying. Big whoop. I don’t even buy the internal logic of this story, which requires me to believe that Jordan is so scared of going to prison for, like, vehicular manslaughter — which is the most she could be charged with — that she won’t tell anyone that Clyde raped her? I would think if she was like, “This man raped me, so I got behind the wheel as an unlicensed driver to flee,” a judge or jury would be like, “Oh, okay” and let her off the hook. All she needs to do is find a decent lawyer– Oh. This is Salem. I see the problem.

Also, isn’t it weird that no one — not Ben, who’s had his whole life to think about it, and not Kate, who’s seen every kind of abuse there is — has even briefly entertained the notion that perhaps something icky went down between Clyde and his then-underage stepdaughter? That’s approximately the first place my brain went 600 years ago, when (it feels like) this pile of poop was foisted upon us.

In conclusion, has anyone else noticed that Jordan, Clyde, and Abigail (the skirt — you can kinda see below) are all wearing clothing the same shade as Ben’s Club TBD uniform shirt?

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.59.31 AM
I would make a joke about the wardrobe department getting a deal on a bolt of burgundy fabric and needing to use it all up, but I’m not sure it counts as a joke if it’s an actual fact.

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5 Comments on “I’ve Never Been So Engaged in a Story”

  1. Andie Says:

    I was just thinking “wow, Chad and Jordan actually have one thing in common!” They are both blamed by their Step Dads’ for deaths of their Moms’… Chad’s step dad, Woods blamed Chad for the death of his Mom, Madeline after she and Chad argued, she fell down the stairs, and had a brain aneurism. Tammy Sue plowed the 1985 Ford F-150 manual pickup truck which screamed “Merrica” into a tree killing her Mama (and unborn baby) after her Mama “begged her to drive.” Clyde blamed Jordan even though it was an accident; Clyde made sure his step daughter was forcefully taught how to drive stick…Woods just disowned Chad.
    As far as the fashion, I see themes here and there. For example first day of spring last year (the audience’s time) most of the ladies of Salem wore green dresses. 😃

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s a good point about Chadwick and Tammy Sue!

      DEAD at your description of the crash. I wonder if car accidents in Poplar Bluff are allowed to happen onscreen, or if Tammy Sue just ran to the park and told Clyde what had happened.

  2. Dan Says:

    Should have saved this for a WTF Wednesday.

    The Jordan story is a mess, which they are rewriting on the fly. A week or so ago, Jordan gave this sob story about living in a car with no heater the first year she ran away, but didn’t she steal a large amount of money from Clyde when she skipped town? Wasn’t there a rather ominous conversation between Clyde and Jordan about the money she had stolen and how Clyde would never report it because of how the money was ill gained? Of course, the suggestion now would be that it was drug money, but, at the time, I had considered that Clyde and Jordan might have conned someone.

    Jordan can also be charged with kidnapping, which Clyde mentioned once. Ben was underage, and she crossed state lines with him. There would definitely be a trial, but Jordan I suspect Jordan would get off if she could prove the abuse.

    I’m willing to buy that both Kate and Ben are blind to Clyde’s faults for their own reasons. Ben seems to want Clyde in his life now so even if he considered those thoughts, he’s going to bury them in order to not rock the boat. On the other hand, Kate hates Jordan and is charmed by Clyde. It’s not like Kate has found a Tammy Sue shrine in Clyde’s room and dismissed as paternal affection.

    At this point, we are positioning Clyde for a permanent place in Salem. They’ve escalated things with Victor, they are bringing Kate into the conversation, and they are beginning to deconstruct Jordan even more. Clyde is taking Stefano’s place on the canvas. With Rafe moving in a new direction, it’s clear it had been decided at this point Jordan was a done deal. It makes sense. Ben and Clyde sort of work without Jordan’s backstory lingering over them. So now, we try and humanize Clyde a bit more and make Jordan a bit more of a nut job by revealing Jordan killed Clyde’s child. I’m not sure the audience is going to buy it because of the rape, but the show is going to make an effort.

    • mykleraus Says:

      If this were a past story, I’d absolutely have used it for a WTF Wednesday. I’m DYING to know what in the hell the original plan was. And you’re right on two counts: they have technically covered their bases about Clyde having something on Jordan (the kidnapping plus the car accident), but it feels so lame and inconsequential, especially since Ben is now an adult and isn’t mad about what Jordan did; they’re totally trying to make Clyde a long-term fixture. He and Ben actually could work better without being so tied to The Jordan Mystery, but I really don’t think this plan is going to work. The rape is so icky — and Clyde has been so unapologetic about it — that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to root for him in a relationship with Kate or anyone else.

      I just really want to know what happened here.

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