He Needs a Stylist, Not a Shrink

I know that when my psychiatrist comes by the house to talk about my father raping my aunt, I always put on my nicest leather-shouldered sweater.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.44.14 AM

Did Sami send him this as a Christmas present?!

I was going to complain about how they had JJ see some dayplayer shrink and not Marlena, but I suppose it’s probably wise of Jennifer not to have her teenage son see a psychiatrist who was possessed by Satan.

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11 Comments on “He Needs a Stylist, Not a Shrink”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Marlena is too busy asking Paul a million times if he wants to see a therapist.. Also, I don’t like JJ in leather at all, definitely doesn’t seem like his style

  2. Jayme Says:

    The shirt, the jeans, the bracelet…I can’t. On a positive note, Jen has been looking quite good since she’s been back. Which means it’s just a matter of time before we see the return of her grey flannel palazzo pants and matching turtleneck.

    This whole week was soooo boring. WHY?!

  3. Jamie Says:

    Friday was the worst! I FF’d thru most of the episode, I just couldn’t take it.

    A fully clothed JJ talking to a therapist about his father raping his aunt. It happened before he was born, and she’s clearly over it…so get over it!!

    Abigail and Jordan are starting a zzzzzzzzzzz. Who cares?

    The worst of the week was Jordan. She used to be pleasantly dull, but now she has an “edge” and she’s angry all the time…which she just can’t pull off. So, now she’s unpleasantly dull. When is her last day??

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ve been trying to sum up what bugs me about Jordan these days, and I think that’s it. She just walks around with fart-face on all the time, bitching about Kate and Clyde and Rafe. I don’t know how they made a rape victim the unsympathetic one here, but they did it!

  4. Dan Says:

    Finally caught up.

    While watching the scene, I saw why it wouldn’t have been appropriate for J.J. to open up to Marlena about all of his feelings. In many ways, Marlena was too close to the issue. I don’t think I would have bought him opening up to her. I guess the same could said for a stranger, but, when J.J. was discussing his issues with women, it felt right that it was a male therapist. That’s not to say Marlena couldn’t relate, I just thought the conversation seemed more natural between J.J. and the dayplayer shrink.

    I’ve always been critical of J.J., but I do like the point we’ve gotten to with him. I didn’t really enjoy the journey or his current pairing, but I’m starting to get into this whole “let’s keep our relationship secret” story. I don’t know why, but I think because it makes the reveal more about people I care about — Jennifer and to a lesser extent Eve — than the non-entity that is Paige.

    The wardrobe is particularly distracting at times. Adrienne’s outfit last week was incredibly bright and not a favorable contrast to some of the darker sets.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That actually makes a lot of sense about JJ talking to a male therapist who doesn’t know his family versus Marlena. (If the writers were half as smart as you, they would’ve thrown in a line to that effect!) I do think the reveal of his fling with Eve will at least be interesting, though I think it threatens to send Jennifer into harpy mode…

      The wardrobe is ridiculous. I can’t believe people are paid to make beautiful people look this bad.

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