Our Long National Nightmare is… On Hold?

When Jennifer opened her door in Wednesday’s episode, my train of thought went something like this:

1) Oh no, it’s Daniel.

2) They’re going to talk about their relationship. How much time do I have before they start screaming?

3) Do I have any wine?

4) I forgot I drank all the white! Oh my god.

5) How long before an opened bottle of red wine goes bad? I think I only opened this one in mid-November…


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.02.41 AM

But — and maybe I’m only saying this because my blood-alcohol level is dangerously low — I actually found their scenes bearable. I know! I haven’t said that since probably 2012. These scenes certainly felt like a bow on the Jennifer/Daniel “love story,” meant to end it gracefully and move both characters on to something new, but I don’t believe that. I think this is more of a reset, either in response to the terrible reception their stories have received or just because the story kind of dragged on for too long, and they’ll be back to whining and pining in no time. The thing is, though, that if they normally acted together the way they did in yesterday’s scenes — having a rational, adult conversation, asking questions and allowing one another to explain rather than jumping to the most damning, juvenile conclusions — then I wouldn’t have Dannifer PTSD in the first place. Why couldn’t they be written like this during the course of the actual relationship?

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5 Comments on “Our Long National Nightmare is… On Hold?”

  1. Dan Says:

    The problem I had with Dannifer was that the storyline never played to the actors strengths. They were best in some of the light comical stuff they had to deal with after Chloe left and before J.J. arrived. MR does particularly well doing the concerned mother act. It something she seems comfortable with and excels at. In the role of the show’s mature heroine, she struggles because she, or the writing, falls back on a more youthful slant on romance that seems inappropriate for the mother of two young adults.

    In hindsight, I wonder if they would have killed Jack off if they knew Peter Reckell wasn’t going to resign. The show needs one tentpole couple and it would have been more beneficial in the long run to have played Kristian Alfonso in that role rather than going another round of “I’m divorcing my offscreen husband because he won’t text me.”

    I suspect the Daniel/Nicole relationship is more about building animosity between Serena/Nicole since Daniel is Melanie’s father and Melanie and Serena are BFFs. I’m not sure if they’ll revisit Daniel and Jennifer, but I’m wondering if they will actually go Eric / Nicole and Daniel / Serena.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s completely correct about Dannifer. I actually liked them just fine before Jack’s return. They had an easygoing vibe; it was nice to see Daniel with an age-appropriate, available woman, and I enjoyed seeing Jennifer in something more carefree, after all the angst with and over Jack. The (terribly executed) triangle under MarDar did no one any favors, and then when TomSell returned, the Nicole baby story was great, but it kicked off this hideous pattern of everyone in town being so concerned about this “great love” — and, even worse, Daniel and Jennifer having constant middle-school misunderstandings and disagreements. I would be completely fine with them as a supporting couple, allowing Jennifer to focus on her work and her kids’ lives — at least, if I could block out the memory of the past two years of hand-wringing.

      Good point about Jack vs Bo. That would’ve been a smart compromise — keeping Jack if they had known they were losing Bo. And they could have played a lot of the same stuff for Hope that they’ve played with Jen.

      • Dan Says:

        If they were smart, they would have kept Daniel and Jennifer in a more supporting role. Why not have Daniel take a roguish young intern under his wing (the show needs more young males) who is constantly causing problems with public relations? Allow the work conflict brew between Jennifer, who thinks the doctor is bad PR, and Daniel, who thinks he can tame his young colleague? Of course, I would also have the young intern have a one-night stand with Abigail, which Daniel would hint at is the real reason Jennifer doesn’t like the young man.

        I think the real issue the show has had is they have refused to use the younger (affordable) characters to drive the story and to build strong relations between the younger and older characters to keep the audience engaged. To be fair, the online audience refuses to accept that the show’s reliance on the same ten characters for nearly three decades has hurt the show more than it has helped the show.

        If they were to take Jennifer completely out of Daniel’s orbit, I wouldn’t have minded a triangle with Jennifer, Aiden, and Hope. Hope and Jennifer have always been very close, it would be interesting to see how their relationship changed by falling for the same man. However, I fear we would end up in Carly / Daniel / Jennifer situation where the conflicts were too minimal to keep the story going.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Very good point about the younger characters. It’s finally sort of happening, mostly because they have no other choice. And yeah — I’m so tired of the whining to have John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla, Jack/Jen, and Bo/Hope driving everything. Because that worked so well last decade? There’s a thread over at Soap Opera Network about “how would you fix Days?” and way too many of the answers are basically just “I’d reset it to the way it was from 2001-2008.” Blah.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Hope and Jennifer go toe-to-toe over a man, but you’re right — they would either turn into psychotic shrews or the actual conflict would be way underplayed.

  2. Andie Says:

    Oh boy! It looks like we are in for yet another Daniel and Jennifer “talk” after the hoildays prior to going to dinner with Nicole. 😝

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