WTF Wednesday: Hattie Adams

Back around the turn of the century, when Fay Walker (sans cameo) and Kate Roberts — who had a spell of clutching her uterus beside dumpsters, which turned out to be fibroids and no one ever mentioned it again — were waitressing at a diner, we met a woman named Hattie Adams.


Hattie was sort of a ringer for Marlena Evans, which made sense, since she was played by Deidre Hall’s real-life twin sister, Andrea. Stefano came into contact with Hattie and decided, as Stefano DiMera does, to have Dr. Rolf remake Hattie as a doppelgänger for Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena ran into Hattie at Salem Place and was convinced she’d encountered her long-ago-murdered twin, Samantha (who’d also been played by Andrea Hall).

Sounds promising, right? Sure… if this weren’t Tom Langan’s Days, where things just randomly happened and then were forgotten for months on end. The entire show was basically a setup for stories that never played out. Brady hates Marlena! Chloe half-assedly accuses Philip of rape! Kate starts a fire that puts Lucas in a coma! It was all such a weird mess (although John’s inexplicable vendetta against Maggie was hilarious). And so, in that grand tradition, Hattie sort of had a flirtation with Roman, and Marlena got a radio show and received some weird calls, and then nothing happened and Hattie disappeared for over two years.


She briefly reappeared in April 2004, with her surgery complete (and now played by Deidre Hall), as a suspect in the Salem Stalker case. You can watch her appearance here, which is worthwhile for a few reasons:

  • These scenes do an excellent job of showcasing a hallmark of James E. Reilly’s writing style, which was “everyone stand around asking questions and then interrupting each other over and over so the person they’re grilling never actually answers the question.”
  • Bart!
  • Deidre Hall dressed up like a Bonnie Lockhart-ified version of Marlena!
  • The writing throws so much shade at the writing of the original Hattie story. Bart is like, “Actually, I have no idea what the plan was!”

[Side note: while writing this post, I went to Wikipedia to look up info on Hattie and was taken to the “Minor characters of Days of Our Lives” page, where someone has taken care to file Daniel and Melanie under “Recent/current minor characters.” Shade!]

Hattie was cleared as a suspect and promptly vanished once more, literally never to be mentioned on the show ever again. This is one of those stories I’ve always wanted to know more about, but so little of it actually played onscreen, and there’s a dearth of info about it online. What was the plan? Was there a plan? Do all of us just have random hard-living lookalikes in the poor part of town? We might never know!

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