November Promo

The Day of Days fan event was held last weekend, and while I was too lazy to go and make a fool of myself, I did come upon this November promo video, which was apparently shown to attendees even though a) November is half-over and a lot of the content has already aired and b) it’s a promotional video for the show but they haven’t even put it online.

Then again, if what was about to air on my television show was this formless and mostly snooze-inducing, I might only show it to my most rabid, paying fans, too.

It’s not bad, per se, but it’s also… where’s the sweeps month drama? Chad telling off Rafe is (was, since it already aired) a fun moment in a small story. Melanie returning is nice (if you like her, which I do), but it’s so undramatic. “Hey Grandma, I’m moving back. kthxcool” Paul’s flirting with every woman vaguely his age on the show. Hope and Aiden getting together is exciting, as is the potential of the JJ/Eve fallout, but everything just feels so ho-hum. Do please share a fit of laughter with me at 1:42 into the promo, when Daniel is shown lying on top of Nicole and you can hear someone go, “Oh no!” Literally every other character/pairing/story gets cheers, and all this gets is an exclamation of terror.

I feel like the mundaneness of this promo does not bode well for the show in the months following Sami, EJ, and Kristen’s departures. Is anything actually going to happen?

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9 Comments on “November Promo”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Exactly, where is the sweeps “drama”? I couldn’t care less about this Jordan “story”.. Abigail & Ben? Boring. I guess they shifted it this year and we had October Sweeps instead of November sweeps.
    However, great scenes today and yesterday Hope & Aiden. I’m becoming more and more interested in Aiden’s past.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The Hope/Aiden stuff in Thursday’s episode was terrific. Daniel Cosgrove knocked it out of the park. I’m actually very engaged by this story and wish it were intertwined with everything else the way that… well, everyone else’s stories seem to be.

  2. Farah Says:

    Kristen stealing Theresa’s baby almost makes her return worthwhile. Almost… Somewhere JER is smiling.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The science (“science”) of it is absolutely insane, but I like that it powers story going forward and opens the door for Kristen’s next visit.

      • Farah Says:

        The baby should be born in July, which would be a great kickoff to the 50th anniversary. They should get everyone Bo, Patch, Shane and John to rescue the baby from evil DiMera’s. This could also be Stefano’s swan song, since JM is sick so often.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I really hope they do the anniversary right, with lots of returns and flashbacks. I’m encouraged by how well they did with Alice’s memorial. I think Shane, Kimberly, Melissa, Jessica, Marie, and Laura are pretty likely (plus Sami) — I’m curious to see who else they dig up!

  3. other1 Says:

    50 years!!!! Wow!!!! WHO was that kissing Marlena? Was it Roman???!!! If they can bring back Wayne Northrup, then I’m all for a Marlena/Roman reunion, and find a new woman for John. So after 30 yrs of watching, I quit the show at the EXACT moment EJ dies, Susan returns, Hope sleeps with Aiden, and Ben and Casey Moss are shown in bed?! OK, that JJ and Eve stuff looked totally hot! What date did that air? Cuz now I need to go watch those scenes! With my luck it’s probably not being shown anymore. Honestly, I’m starting to think that the whole Paige/JJ story was just a cover for the REAL story of JJ and Eve, and that Paige and JJ were meant to be a throw away couple and it was all just to get Eve and JJ to hook up?! If so, I think it’s sort of brilliant. It will also give JJ a good excuse to start a descent back down the tubes. The one thing though that would seriously be enough to keep me from getting back into the show is Chad. That actor looks SO annoying, and I wouldn’t be able to stand how they will try to turn Chad into a bad ass and think he makes a good replacement for EJ. Anyway, it’s probably best if I stay quitting…

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s super-boring right now. Honestly. It’s watchable, just not very exciting. I do think they’re in a setup phase for new stuff, so in 2-3 months, they might have stuff moving. The Hope/Aiden stuff is great, and the JJ/Eve thing is at least adding some soapy energy. Oh, and that was John kissing Marlena — it aired this week.

      I really like the new Chad! It’s a little bit of a leap that he became this much of a dick in his year away, but they’ve justified it onscreen, and I like the actor’s energy a lot.

      • Andie Says:

        I’m very very intrigued by Hope and Aiden’s love (I’m happy to see them on more), the Brady/Theresa/Kristen baby shenanigans, NuChad/Jordan, Clyde/Kate, and Paul Norita. I heard some place that Eve could possibly be pregnant with JJ’s child which is pretty disgusting but, JJ/Paige are expendable bc they are such as snooze fest as are Ben and Abby. 😴 I’m so sick of Daniel and I really hope Nicole gets with Rafe or someone else instead. I’m also sick of Jen, I wish she could have gone a little longer and brought her Mom, Laura back with her.

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