Tammy (Sue)’s Got a Gun

I keep telling myself that I need to post about the show, but then I open Hulu to take screenshots and wake up, hours later, disoriented and in a puddle of my own drool.

Well, this happened, and while it should have been gripping, it was — in the grand tradition of everything pertaining to this Jordan storyline — about as exciting as this plain granola with almond milk I’m eating right now.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.22.45 AM

Was it supposed to be shocking that Clyde, Jordan’s creepy stepfather whom they have gone out of their way to remind us is not biologically related to her, raped her when she was 15? This was literally the #1 thing that the entire audience expected the very first time Clyde appeared onscreen. Also, it doesn’t really count as a “reveal” when it’s one character telling another character something he already knows! (Credit to Chrishell Stause, who did step it up during Monday’s episode, finally.)

I want to understand where they’re going with this, though. The obvious implication is that Tammy Sue got pregnant from the rape, and Ben is really her son and not her brother, but they appear to be about four years apart in age, so I’m sure even Days of Our Lives could sell that foolishness. I had an out-there thought: what if Tammy Sue gave birth to a baby girl, whom Clyde gave up for adoption (sold)… to a certain Mr. Larson and his desperate wife? I could at least buy young Paige as having been the product of Jordan’s teenage pregnancy, and then they could happily reunite and go skipping offscreen together, never to be seen again. And then there’s the question of Clyde. These scenes were juxtaposed with Chad taunting Kate about Clyde (and mentioning Ian MacAllister in the process — truly thought I’d never hear that name again) and Kate defending him. Will Kate believe Jordan if she ever gets around to telling anyone about this? They seem oddly invested in making Clyde the new villain of the show, but making him the rapist of a teenage girl seems like it would shorten his shelf life. Then again, this is Days, so he’ll probably be marrying Marlena in the middle of the Town Square in six months.

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4 Comments on “Tammy (Sue)’s Got a Gun”

  1. Andie Says:

    Victor took first place for his witty taunting of Clyde to Kate last Friday, “…he probably has a corn cob pipe and plays the banjo.” LOL 😄Kate’s picnic blanket dress was one of the most hideous things I’ve seen her wear (she usually has better much fashion choices). I wonder if Jordan/Clyde have any more secrets we never would have guessed? We have just 4-5 more minths of Boredan until she leaves Salem or recast??? Ben as Jordan’s son would make no sense (too close in age) but, Paige as Jordan’s daughter she put up for adoption would be viable; seriously, you need to be hired on to the writing team!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Why would you wish that on me?! (Just kidding. I would love that.) I truly don’t know what Jordan is going to do for 4-5 more months, though I guess “nothing of much interest” is the best bet…

  2. Dan Says:

    I’d kill to see the original Jordan Ridgeway story projection just to see how far off course things got.

    Honestly, I find the Ben/Abigail/Chad/Jordan situation one of the least offensive things about the show right now. The situation is destined to be messy and I like how it ties into E.J.’s death and potentially with Kate’s relationships to all the characters.

    The trajectory of the Jordan Ridgeway story has been so bizarre. This is definitely Austin/Billie 2.0 complete with creepy druggie dad and incest. If they had made the story more about Jordan/Kate, the story would have been more worthwhile. At this point, I wish Jordan would flirt with Lucas just to get Kate going.

    My only hope is that Ben is joining Jordan when she leaves town because he is the one I have no real use for now that Chad’s back in town.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Something has to have changed. It’s been so strangely directionless. Every reveal has just been… a gateway to another reveal. Even now, I’m not sure where any of this is headed. Jordan didn’t want people to find out she stole money and “kidnapped” (rescued) her little brother from the man who raped her? That whole original threat from Clyde seems to have been forgotten now.

      I sort of like Chad/Jordan, but mostly because I like the new Chad. Ben’s fine but doesn’t contribute anything. I really would like to know what the plan was for all this and how/why it changed! These writers don’t tend to do stuff without a plan.

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