What Happened in Salem: Week of November 3rd

Kristen pulled one last stunt on her way out of town. Meanwhile…

With Jennifer out of town helping Laura recover from surgery, Paige borrowed her Judgmental Shrew Pants (though, this being Jennifer, it’s probably more like a Judgmental Shrew Tunic From Hell With Lace Trim) and ragged on JJ for the following offenses: drinking a beer; being photographed in the presence of two girls; not telling her that his dad was Kayla’s rapist. JJ went to find Paige and instead came across Eve, who’d just been told she isn’t a candidate for the vocal cord surgery, and they had depressed sex. Between these two and Daniel/Kristen, everyone in Salem could benefit from a lesson in how normal people act on their depression: by over-ordering Domino’s and eating it in your PJs while you shame-watch a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon.

Read the full recap to see What Happened in Salem this week!

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