Wasn’t it sad the time Paige smelled poop in the Brady Pub?

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.08.58 PM

(This scene was from Monday’s episode, and she made some truly wonderful facial expressions.)

Meanwhile, congratulations, Paige! You were so busy being judgey about your boyfriend’s late father having raped someone that he got sick of you and banged your mother. What I like about this is that it’s not “Paige wouldn’t put out, so JJ boned someone else.” She was throwing herself at him, and he pulled away, and then she was just a judgmental pain-in-the-ass about a bunch of other stuff. When she walked into Daniel’s apartment and scolded him for DRINKING A BEER, I wanted to him to be like, “Yeah, it’s a fucking beer” and then break the bottle over her head and stab her with it. This is not to say that I condone violence, but this character is absolutely tiresome and JJ has nothing to apologize for.

Well, had nothing to apologize for. Banging your girlfriend’s mom is pretty bad. I’m hoping this is the final nail in the coffin of this dull, dull couple, and I can’t wait to see Jennifer’s reaction (boy, do her kids have some sexual boundary issues). I’m also terrified that Eve is going to claim that JJ raped her, which just sounds like an unnecessary nightmare of a story… so for right now, I’m just going to bask in the thought that JJ ruined this relationship and that will eventually mean we won’t have to be tortured by it on a near-daily basis anymore.

I really thought I was going to be grossed out by a JJ/Eve hookup, but it worked for me. I kind of thought the scene of Eve putting in the CD and then singing along and crying was hilarious, but that’s because it was raw, which ultimately worked. I’m not sure I buy Eve doing this to her daughter, though I guess actions speak louder than words, and this will define the kind of woman she is — and as for JJ, I can believe that he’s been told by so many people that he’s a fuck-up and a bad guy that he’s simply allowing himself to fulfill the prophecy.

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11 Comments on “Motherf***er”

  1. Andie Says:

    I yelled at the TV but, I could see this coming (no pun intended) by the way the way JJ looked at Eve when he met her with her sheer shirt half off. Eve acts like she hates JJ but, she seems like she’s attracted to him. LOL on the sniffing poo face. 😄 Paige so boring 😴 in the same was Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years dull except Paige is more way judgmental and noisy. I laughed when she nagged the shit out of JJ for drinking a beer WTF?! JJ better jump hide in the closet or bathtub.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The JJ/Eve thing has always felt a little forced to me, like they saw the potential in the idea and kept trying to see if they could get there. I think KdP looks great, but she looks 50ish, and Casey Moss kinda looks like a baby, so it’s a liiiiittle icky to me (as opposed to her hooking up with, say, Ben). But they sort of sold it in that particular moment, more so than with Kristen/Daniel, honestly.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Please let it be the end of JJ & Paige! Terrible coupling.. I can’t believe that Paige yelled at him because he “didn’t tell her that his father raped Kayla”. I mean what the hell? And god forbid that he go to a party with his friends, right?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Her recent attitudes have just completely turned me off the character. I get why she’d be interested to know that Kayla’s rapist was Jack, but to act as though it’s any of her business or that she deserved to know? No way — especially when she only knows about Kayla’s rape because she overheard it in the first place. And the thing about JJ drinking is so ridiculous. Leave him alone! He isn’t even allowed to act like a normal college kid.

      • Dylan Says:

        Yeah I agree. I’m also horrified at the idea of Eve crying rape. I find it disgusting when soap operas do that kind of storyline – it undermines women who have experienced rape & violence by fueling these people who think that women cry rape for “attention” or some nonsense. Highly misogynistic.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I really hate it. I know it DOES happen in real life, as do lots of terrible things, but it’s a really dangerous message to be putting out there, and this show is far from subtle or skilled enough to execute it in a responsible way (if there even is such a thing).

    • mykleraus Says:

      In conclusion, she sucks.

  3. other1 Says:

    Toward the end of this summer, I quit Days, and I think/hope for good this time! But I haven’t wanted to completely cut the cord yet, so I check in here every once in a while to get updates that confirm my decision to quit, and also to get tons of laughs from mykleraus. ie. smelling poop in the Brady pub. LOL!!!!! Anyway, I also knew the minute Eve and JJ 1st laid (no pun) eyes on each other with her see through shirt that they would definitely be hooking up. Per Days’ usual style of recycling storylines, this one screams Nick doing Billie while he was dating Chelsea. Also, I think Paige should retaliate by doing Abigail … they’d actually make a good couple since they both are sickeningly judgemental. BTW, Kristin and Daniel did it? No way!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think I hated about the Nick/Billie fling was that it a) ultimately meant nothing and b) was just a random trashy obstacle that derailed a really promising young couple. (They seemed oddly determined to sabotage that pairing, even though it was compelling AND those were the same writers who introduced it!) JJ and Paige are so DOA to me that I don’t mind this because it should be the end of them. Then JJ can move on to something more interesting, and Paige can go to Stanford.

  4. Andie Says:

    I was dying laughing while Eve was having dreams about her nasty little tryst with JJ the night before and they are playing her porn theme music “ahhhh yes uh huh”

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