Fright Night

Gotta hand it to Days: they sure timed their storytelling appropriately for Halloween.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.17.02 AM

This is like watching a slasher movie. No, Brady, I know the door’s open, but do not go in there. You’ll never–


Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.17.33 AM

This was truly horrific in every sense. I did not need to see Kristen soiled by Daniel — seriously, is nothing sacred? — and while maybe they tried to spare us with all the talk of how they stopped, all it made me do was ponder whether that was before he stuck it in or before he finished (ew and ew).

I cannot imagine the gymnastics they’re going to do to make Daniel come out of this smelling like a rose. I get that he was feeling rejected by Jen, but Kristen broke his good friend’s heart and raped his other friend. There’s no excusing this. I’m kind of dying for the scene when Maggie and Victor hear about this, except I’m sure they will refuse to believe it and everyone who does will be smacked down for daring to question His Holiness.

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16 Comments on “Fright Night”

  1. Farah Says:

    I expect Salemnites will spin this like a christian tragedy. Poor St. Daniel was lured by evil (Kristen) into following his lust. All of this will of course be Kristen’s fault. They’ll probably think she raped him too. And Daniel will stand their dumbfounded.

  2. Andie Says:

    I don’t know how far they really got either it’s quite nauseating. Daniel could hear the noise of his IKEA bar stool sliding in the hard wood floor after Brady inadvertantly ran into it after “watching” them. Instead of stopping to “investigate” Daniel the noise was like “eh screw it” and continued to get down bc he his other hard wood on his mind…horrifying indeed. On a positive note, I gotta hand it to those had a blatant chemistry since Kristen and Daniels scenes in the hotel room and truck.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Lol at “IKEA bar stool.” It was bizarre that he didn’t go check that out or put the pieces together when Kristen pointed out that the damn door was open!

      • Andie Says:

        The furniture in his apartment is so cheap looking for a surgeon with a six figure salary…I was wondering the same thing, Daniel probably fried parts of his brain in the tanning beds.

      • mykleraus Says:

        OMG. It drives me insane that he has that shitty pleather couch in his living room. A super-successful surgeon like that should have some chic loft or something.

      • other1 Says:

        Loft!!!! I’ve been waiting YEARS for them to bring back the loft!!!! How in the hell did that totally iconic set get struck down?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Because Belle lived in it and ruined it for everyone else.

  3. Dylan Says:

    All I can say is, yuck!! It was very much a Halloween-type scare.. And of course everyone is going to forgive him immediately.. except for Brady apparently

  4. other1 Says:

    She RAPED his best friend, yet he consents to sex with her? WTF?

  5. ML Says:

    Did anyone else NOT notice the inch of dust on Daniel’s bookshelf and on that tall chest of drawers by the front door (with the rotating framed photos of Jennifer)?! He’s a doctor, yet he can’t afford nice furniture OR a maid? It’s driving me bonkers!!!

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