The Many Weddings of Sami Brady

In honor of Alison Sweeney’s nearly 22-year run as Sami Brady, which came to an end yesterday, let’s take a look back at her time on the show — and what better way to do that than by reflecting upon all the weddings she’s racked up over the years? Well, that or all the murders she’s attempted/been a party to/covered up, but you know. Weddings are more fun. Usually… except in the case of Sami Brady, they have basically all turned out to be The Worst in some way.

Wedding #1

The Groom: Austin Reed
The Location: France
The Story: After Sami’s crazy neighbor, Mary, kidnapped baby Will and sold him on the black market in France (as you do), everyone schlepped to France to get the kid back. The French government wouldn’t turn Will over to his parents unless they were married, so Austin was forced to marry Sami.
Why It Was the Worst: Yes, that’s totally how international laws work. Also, the groom totally did not want to be there, and everyone knew it was a farce, but Sami was beaming like an idiot.

Wedding #2

The Groom: Austin Reed
The Location: St. Luke’s Church
The Story: Sami got amnesia and was paralyzed after Austin backed his car into her (LOL), but Austin and Carrie eventually forced her to grant Austin an annulment. Sami then got her memory back when she plugged in an iron (sure, why not) and quickly convinced Austin to remarry her. I would be more troubled by this, but he was such an idiot that it’s not really so surprising. Anyway, Carrie, Eric, and Mike figured out that Sami was lying about Will’s paternity and raced to the church, where they exposed Sami. Carrie decked her sister and then took over the wedding to marry Austin herself.


Why It Was the Worst: The bride wore cornrows. And I guess getting punched out at your own wedding kind of sucks, too.


Wedding #3

The Groom: Franco Kelly
The Location: The Kiriakis mansion
The Story: Sami stubbornly plowed ahead with a wedding to shady Franco, but when Austin revealed to Sami just before the wedding that he’d caught Franco in bed with a stripper, Sami bellowed that she could KILL HIM and marched inside to find Franco dead on the floor. She, like, passed out, and Kate took advantage of the situation to make it look as though Sami had shot Franco (when, in fact, Lucas had done it to protect Kate).
Why It Was the Worst: Not only did Sami not get to get married, but she wound up on Death Row as a result.

Wedding #4

The Groom: Austin Reed
The Location: Las Vegas
The Story: Everyone trekked out to Vegas for this latest wedding, at which Austin was voluntarily planning to marry Sami. Unfortunately, minutes before the ceremony, he learned that Sami had lied about Lucas hitting Will years before and called it off.
Why It Was the Worst: I mean, she wound up dumped, but there was no lethal injection involved, so maybe it wasn’t that bad after all?


Wedding #5

The Groom: Brandon Walker
The Location: Salem? I think City Hall or something like that
The Story: Sami knew that Brandon had slept with Lexie, so she switched the paternity test of Lexie’s unborn child so it would say that Abe was the father… thus ensuring that Lexie would stay with Abe and Sami could have Brandon? Or something? Well, it (sort of) worked, because she and Brandon eloped.
Why It Was the Worst: Approximately five minutes after the marriage took place, Sami’s latest duplicity was exposed — and smug Lexie revealed that she had pre-switched the test, so that it looked like Brandon was the dad when Abe actually was, because she knew Sami was going to do that, which is a plan too insane for words. Brandon was understandably peeved, dumped Sami, and left Salem.

Wedding #6

The Groom: Lucas Roberts
The Location: N/A
The Story: Kate and Eugenia (she of the stolen pension!) drugged Sami and planted her in bed with Brandon, and when Lucas found them, he called off the wedding before anyone got near an altar.
Why It Was the Worst: It was honestly just kind of depressing. After all the shit Sami had done wrong, she deserved a little happiness. Also, this was the beginning of the show rewriting Lucas as Austin 2.0 — the hapless good guy forever traumatized by Sami’s disasters, which was never who Lucas was.


Wedding #7

The Groom: Lucas Roberts
The Location: St. Luke’s Church
The Story: After being dumped by Lucas, Sami went on a vengeful spree dressed up as a man named Stan (Sami was played by Dan Wells while Alison Sweeney went on her first maternity leave). Eventually, Sami and Lucas reconciled and planned to get married. But Kate discovered that “Stan” was really Sami. The bride, groom, and their guests were shocked when Stan marched into the church — only it was Kate wearing the disguise, and she proceeded to expose Sami, causing Lucas to call off this wedding, too.
Why It Was the Worst: No amount of suspending disbelief helps me get past how utterly ridiculous it was that Kate, who has a completely different build than Sami, was able to doctor herself up to look exactly like “Stan.”

Wedding #8

The Groom: Austin Reed
The Location: St. Luke’s Church
The Story: After she was exposed as Stan, Sami found solace from a recently returned Austin. Even though he was in love with Carrie, he got back together with Sami… because Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she and Austin would have deformed babies, and Carrie therefore married Lucas (who has half the same DNA as Austin anyway?) instead. Carrie and Austin then proceeded to have an emotional affair — and then a real one! — while Sami, engaged to Austin, was drawn to newly arrived racecar driver EJ Wells. On the day of the wedding, though, Sami received an anonymous threat (I think from the Black Glove, who later turned out to be EJ) demanding that she call off the wedding or pay some kind of price, so she did.
Why It Was the Worst: Yes, this was a real story, and yes, we were supposed to be rooting for Carrie, who basically was a horrible person throughout all of this. But then there was a writer switch, and Sami actually (sort of) chose not to marry Austin, and the potential for her and EJ was really exciting, so maybe this wasn’t the worst?

Wedding #9

The Groom: Lucas Roberts
The Location: St. Luke’s Church
The Story: After Austin and Carrie remarried and left town, Sami and Lucas reunited. She continued to be drawn to EJ, but then he was revealed to be a DiMera and raped her. Sami and Lucas married, and she came clean with him about the rape (which resulted in her having twins by two different fathers).
Why It Was the Worst: It really wasn’t, except that her hair was way too blonde during this period, and this was some “Green Wedding” they kept going on and on about because NBC was on some nutso sustainability kick at the time.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.28.17 PM

Wedding #10

The Groom: EJ DiMera
The Location: St. Luke’s Church
The Story: Sami and Lucas’s marriage was short-lived, because EJ wanted Sami’s baby in order to save Stefano’s life with stem cells or something. In order to end the Brady-DiMera vendetta, she agreed to divorce Lucas and marry EJ. And she wore black to the wedding!
Why It Was the Worst: I mean, she was miserable and didn’t want to marry this man, so that wasn’t too great. Also, EJ got shot minutes after they exchanged vows.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.36.44 AM

Wedding #11

The Groom: EJ DiMera
The Location: The DiMera mansion living room
The Story: A whole bunch of stuff happened between the last Sami/EJ wedding and this one. EJ thwarted Sami’s plans to divorce him by making it seem that they needed to stay married for him to stay in the country. Then he started to win her over, and they had sex, which Lucas saw. Sami got pregnant but then went into Witness Protection after witnessing a murder at the DiMera mansion, and she decided she didn’t want this child to be raised as a DiMera. In the process, she fell in love with her bodyguard, FBI agent Rafe Hernandez, and when Nicole lost her baby with EJ, she switched Sami’s baby with teenage Mia’s so that she’d have a child who was EJ’s. Then the baby Sami had, Grace, died, and the switch came out, and EJ had his and Sami’s child, Sydney, kidnapped so that he could fake her death and make Sami know how it felt to have a child kept from her (or whatever). And then Rafe went off on some adventure, and Sami actually fell for EJ again. Rafe charged in and exposed EJ’s role in the Sydnapping, but later that night, Sami — fearing that EJ and Stefano were about to take the children from her — shot EJ in the head.
Why It Was the Worst: This was the start of the era of Living Room Weddings, which I abhor for their cheapness. Also, Sami shot EJ in the head at point-blank range and still managed not to kill him, which seems unwise for a woman who once received the lethal injection for allegedly shooting her groom to death. And then we spent months with her chasing around a camera that had her confession on it.


Wedding #12

The Groom: Rafe Hernandez
The Location: The park
The Story: Vows were actually exchanged, and both the bride and groom wanted to be there!
Why It Was the Worst: It was fine. Enh. So cheap.

Wedding #13

The Groom: Rafe Hernandez
The Location: Horton Town Square
The Story: When they briefly thought Johnny was dead (even though he was hiding under a table for three days), Sami and EJ had sex. Will walked in on them. A frantic Sami planned for her and Rafe to renew their vows, which was asking for trouble. Also, Rafe and Carrie had started to have feelings for each other.
Why It Was the Worst: This was the height of anticlimactic MarDar writing. Sami spent weeks railroading Rafe into this vow renewal (…by the Christmas tree at the mall), and then the day came and they… said their vows and nothing happened? Cool.


Wedding #14

The Groom: EJ DiMera
The Location: The DiMera mansion backyard
The Story: Sami and EJ were engaged and truly in love, but she refused to sleep with him after believing that he’d had a role in his sister Kristen’s rape of her brother, Eric. EJ seduced Abigail Deveraux, kind of to keep her quiet about Nick Fallon’s “death” and kind of because he was horny, and they had a brief but torrid affair. Months later, Sami and EJ were planning their wedding when Nick was killed for real and had photographs of EJ and Abigail delivered to Sami. She went through with her wedding to EJ, all the while plotting with Kate to get revenge on him and Stefano. And she did — at the conclusion of the ceremony, EJ was arrested for tax evasion, which kept him out of commission for a DiMera Enterprises board meeting and allowed Sami and Kate to be named co-CEOs. Oh, and she forced Abigail to be her maid of honor just to torture her.
Why It Was the Worst: Honestly, it was kind of fun, except after being shot just after two previous weddings to this woman, EJ really must have had a death wish to go through with this one. In this case, however, he simply went to jail, fought to win Sami back, won her back, and was then shot to death mere weeks later.

Grand Totals

Actual marriages: Six
Number of grooms shot: Three
Most frequent groom: Austin Reed
Most frequent location: St. Luke’s

Which Sami Brady wedding was your favorite? And which was the absolute worst?

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15 Comments on “The Many Weddings of Sami Brady”

  1. This is awesome and your quips are funny 😄 I stopped watching Days of Our Lives ten years ago and had no idea all this stuff happened lol

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    great work!!!!! XXOO

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    you will have a beautiful day…….no need to hope………many happy things will happen to you today…..xo

  4. Andie Says:

    Thank you for posting this 😃 I missed Sami’s wedding #1, #4, and #11. It’s fun to reminese and look back of fashion changes and Sweeny’s gradual and healthy weight loss.
    I look forward to your well written hilarious anecdotes and keen eye for detail. I ❤️ the pic of Jensen Ackles the real Eric. Idk much about #1 more Will baby Daddy shenanigans.
    Wedding #2 was the most exicting as far as the “knock out” drama. I loved the Princess Bride ensble but trendy 90s cornrows ruined it for me.
    Wedding #3 was the most f’ed up and my least favorite bc Sami was framed for murder; Franco was a d-bag who just used her for citizenship (so did EJ but he loved her).
    I missed Wedding #4 but, that gown is the worst, it’s horrendous too much boobs and looks like Elvis’s jump suit from the ’70s. I hope that dress stayed in Vegas, no wonder Austin dumped her at the altar among other reasons.
    Wedding #5 I did not like Brandon and Sami as a couple to begin with as well Lexi’s infidelities while married to Abe. Brandon was such an ass for dumping her like a few hours later and helping sabotage wedding #6.
    Wedding #7 that whole Stan thing was so bizarre but, Sami looked slender and awesome for someone who recently had a baby.
    Wedding #8 Sami did the right thing she out grew Austin, her school girl crush. Carrie was the idiot who ran off with Mike Horton and came back after it didn’t work Yuck 😝
    Wedding #9 Best Dress/Endamble Sami looked goregous and truly happy she finally married Lucas for real! I liked her platinum hair and her dress/jewerly was elegant and classy. She reminded me of Grace Kelly. Her support system/blessings seemed to be at its peak.
    Wedding #10 I missed this must watch this funeral looking gloom to see for myself
    Wedding #11 2nd most messed up situation behind #3
    Wedding #12 and #13 her knight in shining armor seemed like a good idea at the time…Boring, lack luster, cheap zzzz
    Wedding #14 Bittersweet bc they are each other’s true love who overcame so much. I knew both actors were leaving the show and this was probably the last Sami wedding. It was royally messed up none of Sami’s family approved so they didnt bother to show up other than the kids. Theo was EJ’s only family there. EJ’s arrest at the reception was a crazy twist. Sami with the I-pad revealing she knew the day after the ceremony was a hoot! We didn’t know Sami knew about EJ’s affair with Abby until the rehearsal and cake fight. Sami’s hair with the Xmas ordinents and random craft store supplies was 2nd worst behind cornrows and her purple-grey dress was quite unique. They should have just eloped with the kids. This one gets the low budget and simplicity award. Harold was probably the lone caterer. Abe’s officiating was a gift.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Wedding #2 was one of my favorite Days events of all time. That was the year I started watching, and there was just so much build-up and tension.

      I should have done more about the fashion for all these. That Vegas jumpsuit-looking dress was really awful, and I remember her flopping around on the floor begging Austin not to leave, and it seemed like her boobs were about to fly out.

      • Andie Says:

        You got into Days during a Golden Era 😄 A bulk of favorite story lines were late 80s-mid 90s: Sami’s Baby Daddy Drama, Cruise of Deception, Hope/Princess Gina identity crisis, and the Kristen/Susan shenigans were among my favorites.

  5. Andie Says:

    PS Sami is widowed now but, all of her prior marriages ended with an annulment, so she is still welcome in the Catholic Church. It’s hilarious Nicole has referred to Sami as “The Elizabeth Taylor of Salem” that’s the pot calling the kettle black bc Niki has had the same number of husbands just less weddings. 😉

    • mykleraus Says:

      Did that 2007 wedding to Lucas get annulled, or did she get a divorce? I guess she was marrying EJ in the church right after that, but it’s not like I expect this show to be accurate about this crap anyway…

      • Andie Says:

        I did some research on Sami’s, Nicole’s, and Kate’s marriages a while back to compare/contrast bc they are fascinating. The ending of the short lived marriage to Lucas confused me as well but, reliable sources indicate this marriage was annulled too. 😄

  6. southflorida Says:

    This summary rocks!

  7. LAURA Says:


  8. […] Rafe is like, “I married Sami in the park. Caroline was […]

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