Better Than the Time She Was Played By a Mop

Why, I sure am happy as a kid at Graceland right now, yes I am!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.13.28 AM

Susan’s return has been an utter delight. Barring some slight issues with Eileen Davidson’s voice/accent (which — who can blame her? She had to bust out an act she hasn’t done in 16 years and probably nail it all in one take!), I don’t think Susan’s scenes could have been more perfect. They took the trouble to have her interact with everyone she needed to interact with — EJ, Sami, Marlena, Kristen, Stefano, and John — and there were all sorts of wonderful nods to history. Susan even gave Celeste a shootout! And all the stuff with the vampires was so hilarious and spot-on. I do wish we’d gotten to see her interact with little Johnny, but that’s a fairly minor quibble. As goofy as she is, this character brings a real warmth to the show. Kudos to everyone involved.

I was also dying at all the shade Susan threw at Sami. They win Exchange of the Week, hands-down: “Seems like just yesterday you were strapped to an electric chair waitin’ to fry for killin’ someone…” “Actually, it was lethal injection — and I was innocent!”

Honestly, this has made Davidson’s entire return stint worthwhile for me. We needed to see James Scott’s EJ interact with his mother at some point during his run, and this really patched up some of the remaining holes in Elvis’s backstory. (EJ was kind of a dick to her during the first episode, but they sort of made up for that the second day.) We got to see Susan, and Kristen’s no longer a crazed fugitive, so this has served its purpose. If Kristen’s final scene is her picking up an infant and saying something like, “Just wait until I can tell your daddy about you,” I might even forgive the fact that she spent her first two damn weeks with Dr. Jesus.

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6 Comments on “Better Than the Time She Was Played By a Mop”

  1. Farah Says:

    She prononces Kristen wrong 😦 It’s Kris-taaan. But that’s nitpicking. She was amazing!

  2. Andie Says:

    Elieen Davidson did a fabulous job at reviving Susan, I wish she stayed in Salem at least for the week. Susan used to say Kristannnn Blake Black in her high-pitched, whiny, twang which I’m surprised I can actually hear bc I’m not a dog. It must be a challenge to talk in those fake teeth and not to laugh. I particularly enjoyed how Kristen at the mansion reading some rag memicing Susan “evil, evil, evil” and Sami walks in, “wow Susan you look just like that b****.” I found it interesting that Kristen was picking up Stefano’s will…

    • mykleraus Says:

      Kristen’s line to Sami was hilarious: “That bitch IS back.” So good.

      And I’m curious what’s up with this will thing.

      • Andie Says:

        Haha 😂 I’m gonna miss Elieen Davidson, Alison Sweeney, and James Scott…Do you think Stefano is blocking EJ out and giving more of his estate to Kristen and Chad? Or is Stefano saying f you and giving it all to Theo and his other grand kids? Who knows when the last time he updated it, Lexie and Benjy might still be on there? 😳 I would like a copy released like they did with Will’s article.

      • mykleraus Says:

        A lawyer could seriously build an entire career on drafting, revising, executing, and rescinding Stefano’s wills!

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