You Do This More Often Than You Go to Work

“I don’t know how to say goodbye to you.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.53.06 AM

Uh, maybe take notes from one of the myriad other times you’ve had to? The man has been in three irreversible comas in the past decade — one of which he (briefly) died from! I’m think you’ll figure something out, Doc. Perhaps just cross your fingers that he doesn’t wake up a raging a-hole this time.

(This whole vigil waiting to see if John would wake up has been very well paced and tense, which I feel deserves credit considering how often that’s an issue for this show, but really!)

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8 Comments on “You Do This More Often Than You Go to Work”

  1. ML Says:

    Did I miss something? Why is Marlena’s arm in a cast?

    • ML Says:

      Or rather, a sling?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Deidre Hall tweeted — like FIVE MONTHS AGO, when they apparently shot this — that she’d had an accident and her arm was in a sling. It cracks me up that they’re not even addressing it onscreen (but Daniel has a split lip and we spend half an episode with everyone asking about it).

  2. Dylan Says:

    We’re all hoping that he doesn’t wake up a raging a-hole

  3. Andie Says:

    They briefly brought up Marlena’s arm injury; ironically, Sami was the most concerned. I knew John would get all huffy puffy and melodramatic in his speech as he always has in the past when he when he woke up. They are doping John up enough to sleep, not flip out, and be an ass. I thought Maxine would have to explain everything to John but, nope she added some dope to the IV. 😛 I thought Theresa was going to sh*t her pants!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, Sami finally mentioned it, and then Hope made a comment in passing (which I’m pretty sure Alfonso just improvised). I’m amusing myself thinking of ways in which Marlena hurt her arm in-between going home from the hospital one night and coming back the next morning…

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