Who Took a Dump in Her Metamucil?

WHO was one hot babe?!” Jennifer demands as she storms into the living room, flames shooting out of her casual Wednesday topknot, aghast that two 18-year-old boys might be discussing a hot girl instead of True Love. (It was even enough to send JJ’s grandmother Abigail running from the room, clutching her pearls!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.52.35 AM

And that says nothing of the way she went to berate Daniel for not having gone out of his way to tell her about the blood test he ran on JJ. Sounds like someone needs to have a chat with her good pal Carly about doctor-patient confidentiality. I can’t even tell you how furious I am at her for making me side with Daniel, but there ya go. This woman is acting like more of an asshole than “Rafe” did when he was really a sex offender with impressive and very thorough plastic surgery, which is saying something.

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6 Comments on “Who Took a Dump in Her Metamucil?”

  1. Andie Says:

    We are graced with another Jen-Dan scene in in a week span where she just “shows up” and starts to go ballistic on him. Those scenes are as enjoyable to watch as passing kidney stones. 😛At least if she wants to say “hi” he’s more cordial to her at work. Maybe they can have lunch at some coffee at the Salem U Hospital cafeteria. Yes, JJ was her patient and Dr. Dan gave JJ is word; how does Jen not know policies

  2. Andie Says:

    Basically! 😛If the writer’s goal was to break Jennifer down and make her less likeable by transforming her into more of a nagging, b***hy, insecure, uptight, unscrupulous leech they have succeeded admirably. 😡
    There must have been a full moon bc wardrobe gave Jennifer a pretty dress although the Olive Oyle lump of dog poo bun was horrid!

  3. Jayme Says:


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