What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 15th

While Eve put her plan against JJ into motion…

Shortly after blowing back into Salem, Chad did the following: punched EJ and held him at gunpoint for his affair with Abigail; revealed to Abigail that he’s back in town and got nasty with her for sleeping with his brother; got up early and went for a swim; proposed to Kate that they team up for some corporate espionage; came to Jordan’s rescue when Jeremiah cornered her; caught Ben with an envelope full of cash and accused him of stealing from Club TBD, leading Ben to take a swing at him. If that’s a typical night and day, this young go-getter is really gonna go places in Salem! I only did one of those things in my entire week (you can guess which).

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4 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 15th”

  1. Andie Says:

    You got up early and swam? I laughed my butt off when Ben tried to kick Chad out of TBD not knowing he was part owner. I could see that coming, Ben has a propensity for kicking people out of TBD just bc he doesn’t like them or they piss him off…

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