I’m in Hell, Right?

This isn’t some sick joke, is it? We’re actually supposed to like Daniel?

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.02.46 AM

Because watching him berate Jennifer and ban her from seeing his son stirred a lot of feelings in me, but “admiration” and “liking” were not among those. Not that Jennifer did herself any favors; she managed to make herself look both thirsty and batshit crazy showing up at his place the way she did — “Oh, I just thought I’d come by and pick you up, LOL” — clad in a damn floor-length white dress like Miss Havisham. “Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I like to wear it out for coffee sometimes. I just happened to pick it up at this wedding boutique while I was daydreaming about you and writing ‘Mrs. Daniel Jonas’ all over the walls in blood…” But of course he had to be a total dick to her, and of course she had to make excuses for him afterward. Aiden can’t even snicker at a crack about “Frowny Face” without being dubbed an asshole, but Daniel gives Jennifer a lecture and she winds up praising what a good and virtuous parent he is.

Can we just not with these two?

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12 Comments on “I’m in Hell, Right?”

  1. Gary Himes Says:

    There is the most incredibly bizarre disconnect between how TPTB seem to perceive Daniel as this wonderful, perfect, messiah-ish being, and how his actions make him out to be king of the douches. I would not be surprised at this point to find that DAYS’ writers are actually some experimental script-writing computer that has been infected with a “love Daniel Jonas” virus.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s truly mind-blowing. I almost made this a WTF Wednesday post last night, because I truly cannot comprehend how the writers expect us to buy Daniel as the next iteration of Bo or John, based on what’s onscreen. It’s INSANE. And the thing is, I don’t even hate Daniel or Shawn Christian (or I didn’t before this escalated to fever pitch). He works fine as a supporting character, a B-level doctor to be used as a friend and a sort of regular-guy romantic interest. I just do not get this obsession with insisting — literally having characters tell us on a daily basis — how wonderful and perfect he is. The only other example I can recall of it being this bad was with Belle Black (which might have reached its zenith when Alice was “killed” and people literally took the time to wonder how BELLE was handling this news).

  2. farah Says:

    Daniel is allowed to dump his son (correction: philip’s son) on Jennifer’s children to babysit. But Jennifer isn’t allowed to see the child herself? God, he makes me rage.

  3. Dylan Says:

    Yes, let’s just not with this two. Ugh.

  4. William Says:

    I feel like all of the women under 60 wear dresses every day to do things like work and get coffee that are more for going to a club or street walking ( can we discuss Nicole’s glittery dress that she wore when showing her concern for Father Eric and his clan?

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG. That drives me insane. Everyone is always dressed up like they’re going to goddamn Studio 54 just so they can go get some chowder and wander around the park.

      Weirdly, for as terrible as a lot of Jen’s styling can be, she turns up in some super-cute day dresses from time to time.

  5. Andie Says:

    LOL on the Miss Havisham reference…Jen shot herself in the foot w/ Daniel (again). If Jen continues to behave the way she does she will be an old maid (rather widow who hasn’t gotten any in years). Daniel was irritated bc Jen showed up for this non-official coffee date at his apartment unannounced/uninvited. Jen’s petulant whining about not being allowed to see Parker was pathetic; she should know better about having the dynamics of having young children while dating. Rewind: Jen dated Peter Blake and Frankie while Abby was very young while Jack was “dead.” Kids get easily attached/confused. Dannifer are broken up, Jen keeps pushing and acting like a stage 5 clinger/stalker.

  6. UnderYourWing Says:

    yeah….ya think they were in a soap opera or something, right?

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