Round Table (in the Middle of the Town Square)

I was invited to be part of TVFanatic’s Days of Our Lives round table regarding the past week in Salem. Check it out to see what other folks thought of Jordan’s flashbacks (spoiler alert: HATED) and what the show should do about Bo.

Just for good measure:


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6 Comments on “Round Table (in the Middle of the Town Square)”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    I’m another whose watched Days since the mid-1980s and abandoned ship this summer. What tipped the scales for me was finding a really good weekly girly-drama on a cable channel that I don’t get, but can stream the shows online. When I started watching this new show, it really shined a light on Days to show something that I always somehow knew was there … but that REALLY stood out once I had another show to compare it to. And that’s that Days is just trashy … sorry, no offense. Through the decades, Days has always had adventure and wackiness, but the back-bone of it always seemed to be love. And it seems for years now it’s just turned into a raunchy, back-stabbing fest. Everyone has a major issue, everyone is fighting, everyone is angry, etc. For a short while, it was entertaining, but then it just seemed to take over the whole show. The sets are cheap, even the costumes are always so slutty and trashy and odd. And the storylines have just gotten to be so immature, etc. Again, even though I felt entertained, I have been subtly dissatisfied with Days for years now, then ever since I started to watch this other show that has a heart to it, gorgeous costumes, inspiring characters, beautiful sets, mature romance storylines, etc., it just finally got me to no longer even find entertainment in Days and to just give up and tune out. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Days in the next few years, especially now that there is access to so many other more meaningful shows that just make Days look worse. It’s too bad the Days folks can’t get more in line with the good TV that’s out there instead of using the mentality that trash sells … that paradigm is dying, and Days will die with it if it continues to believe that people will keep tuning into it when they have other more heartwarming choices on what to watch. Anyway, just wanted to chime in as another who cut out. Again, no offense. I’ve been watching Days for almost 30 years now, so I definitely get those who watch it. It’s just it’s not for me anymore. Having said that, Daniel Cosgrove is SUCH A FREAKING babe, so THANKS for this video of him making out. YUM! I WISH he could come on over to be a hot stud on my new girly show!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I definitely see what you’re saying. It’s taken me a while to learn that what keeps me watching — and will probably keep me watching until the end — is more the overall picture. It’s almost a scientific thing, like, “How are they going to play the chess pieces next?” Considering how much they churn out, I do think a decent amount of it works, but you’re right about the nastiness in particular. I often feel like Days is on the verge of some bizarre soullessness.

      What’s the other show, btw?!

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    I totally hear you. I hung on for the past few years for the enjoyment of predicting the next move in a storyline, for devotion and love of characters who I’d been with EVERY DAY for 30 yrs! lol! For enjoying sex scenes with all the hot fellas. (and there have been MANY!) For the entertainment of the wacky storylines, and for the entertainment of watching terrorizers like Kristin prance around in stillettos and giving and getting all the bitch slaps. But … all of a sudden, it seems everyone is a bitch! Even the holy ones I thought never would go dark, like Jennifer, Abigail, and Daniel. They have all turned so sour and bitchy like the rest of them. And I sort of feel the same coming on for Will and Sonny. Even Caroline is a bitch now, and Maggie might not be too far behind. And then as soon as a couple is FINALLY together, Bam, they rip them apart!!! Maybe a lot of what’s wrong with Days is also a symptom of being on every day for, what is it now, 45 yrs straight! IDK, I guess leaving days is kind of like getting a divorce. People know they’re in a bad marriage for years, but they hang on for many of the same reasons you would hang onto Days! lol. And then, all of a sudden, another guy walks by (or a show like Cedar Cove) and you see how great he is, and it’s only then in comparison that you REALLY realize you need to move on! But you know, 30 yrs is a loooong time, so who knows if I’ll check back in from time to time off and on for a while, or at least have a connection for the sake of the kids. It might be like Seinfeld says, “Ending a relationship is like knocking over a coke machine. You have to rock it a few times before it finally falls over.”

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ve noticed that shift in the characters, too. I think it comes from a smart/well intentioned place, which is to try and stop writing everything as so black and white. For years, the good guys were good and the bad guys were bad. Marlena and Belle were the victims and nothing they ever did was their fault; Stefano and Kristen were the baddies. What they seem to be trying to do is write EVERYONE as more gray — which I appreciate. (It also seems to be the larger trend in TV, with so many antiheroes like Don Draper and Walter White and even Meredith Grey.) Where I think it fails is when the writing lacks the subtlety to pull it off, so the good guys wind up seeming like harpies/assholes instead of flawed but rootable people.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    what IS that other show????

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