Slips of the Lips


No, seriously. I squealed when Aiden finally kissed Hope. (I also just publicly humiliated myself…) The build-up to this has just been so slow and classic, as opposed to the typical 2014 model of “Character A spills a latté on Character B, they have three more snippy run-ins, then they make out and sleep together and then get engaged two weeks later.” The Bo aspect has been frustrating, but in some ways, it’s probably responsible for forcing the show to take this approach.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.55.24 AM

Also, Salem looks so much better when it’s lit for nighttime — moody and, uh, not made of cardboard — but it makes it a hell of a lot harder to screenshot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.55.05 AM

My only problem with these Hope/Aiden scenes was how Hope just stayed behind to hang out at the lake. By herself. In the dead of night. We knew Aiden was right there, but neither she nor Jen did, and while Hope might be a cop, she also has a pretty terrible track record of being assaulted and/or kidnapped. There could have been a much less squee-worthy version of “drunk man comes out from behind the trees and forces a kiss on Hope,” you know?

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6 Comments on “Slips of the Lips”

  1. Andie Says:

    It’s about time they kissed. Yeah, I didn’t understand why Hope lingered there all by herself after Jen left. I thought maybe Hope would smell his cologne, Obession for Men.

  2. Farah Says:

    The chemistry saves Haiden. Their story has been boring, and uneventful otherwise. Hopefully, that will change with the Bo story.

    • mykleraus Says:

      They definitely need more incident in this story. I think what’s worked is that even though it’s been slow, it’s about the characters — Hope hurting over Bo and being feisty, Aiden putting up walls because of his past. Compare that to Rafe and Jordan, who were basically just like, “Yay! We like each other!” and then she boringly kept a secret for a year.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    don’t get this guy. at all. never did. never will…. boring story line and he looks 6 years old. which is disturbing….

    hope needs a kick ass wealthy entrepreneur biker/artist/humanitarian to throw down lots of steamy adventures with……DOOL is turning into a kind of predictable snooze fest i am afraid…..

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