Doc in a Frock

You know how JJ gave Paige that Build-A-Bear that’s wearing a neon community service vest? It was very rude of him to steal Marlena’s jacket for the material!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.17.08 PM

Seriously — between that blinding jacket and Kristen’s bright red dress, the two of them were like a construction zone. That said, at least there is a “the two of them” now. Integrating Kristen into the John story has made total sense of her return. I don’t know why we had to spend so much time on Daniel maneuvering her back to Salem, but her presence is finally clicking for me.

Semi-related: I loved the Sami/Eric scenes (“They get away with murder almost as much as y– Oh”), and I loved Sami’s shock at seeing Stefano’s portrait back on the wall of the mansion, but did Sami really think she could steal DiMera Enterprises and not incur Stefano’s wrath? To believe that, she’d have to be as stupid as… well… herself.

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