It Can Always Get Worse

Remember when it was so annoying how everything was happening in the Town Square or in the park?

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.26.43 PM

Well, now 80% of the show appears to be taking place in storage closets. I “can’t wait” for the first time everyone is all, “We booked such a beautiful and grand wedding venue — but since we got locked in Victor’s cellar/the Titan supply closet, we might as well just get married here!” To be fair, though, a gay beer pong tournament would’ve been more plausible in a basement than in the middle of the damn mall…

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5 Comments on “It Can Always Get Worse”

  1. Andie Says:

    LOL I was waiting for you to talk about the over abbudunace of scenes in storage closets. In the same week the Deveraux siblings almost get it on with their mates in storage closets. Way to go Aunt Theresa and ill-timed Abby reminessing about EJ in Salem U Hospital storage closet for the pre-coitus interuprutus.

    Did you notice how the storage closet with Paige’s belongings looked remarkably similar to the back of the truck Dr. Dan and Kristen rode back to Salem?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it was supposed to be a moving truck, which makes even more sense because obviously they had to get their money’s worth out of it… and yes, it was totally the same “set.”

  2. Farah Says:

    Did you catch the Chad name drop? He’s totally on his way back to Salem. And it’s soo in character for Sami to tell Chad. I hope there’s some good DiMera brothers/siblings moments before James and Eileen leave.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yup. I actually appreciate that they’re tying Abby’s past with Chad into this (even if there wasn’t a new actor about to show up in the role in a few weeks).

      • Andie Says:

        I can’t wait for Chad to return so I can see his reaction 😉
        A moving truck makes sense…I was also thinking that was one of those giant PODS storage receptacles that rich d-bags use when they move and occupy 3 spaces of valuable street parking in the process.

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