A Business Af-FAIL

I didn’t realize Geocities was publishing original content these days!


Or that Parker was working in the graphics department at TruVista! No wonder all the kids on PalPage are making fun of Abigail for being involved in this.

Do yourself a favor and read the full article, which primarily leaves me with the feeling, “Thank god Will is married to someone who can pull strings and get him a writing job!” I know I shouldn’t be surprised that this was done on a budget/incompetently (after all, I do watch Days of Our Lives), but really.

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9 Comments on “A Business Af-FAIL”

  1. Dylan Says:

    I couldn´t bear to read the entire article, but wow, it looks like a ninth grader wrote it.. I wonder why they even bothered to put the whole article up on the internet.

  2. Andie Says:

    LOL…William, it looks like you are going to be shunned by your whole family (aside from Sonny and Ari). I’m sure Victor is regretting helping Sonny with his connections saying, “Dear God, my Grand Nephew married an ignoramus little serpent!” I’m still waiting on Roman’s and Caroline’s reactions as well.
    Who really wrote the article? I shouldn’t be ungrateful however the story was a major let down. In my opinion, if Will is supposed to be “talented writer” then Idiocracy is upon us. I give the “Editor” credit, she was dutiful in halting the presses to add “Abigail Devereaux.” She must have been on the sauce while she read the article because she disregarded blatant run-on sentences, grammatical errors, and improper use of punctuation. I noticed sentences started with and; I learned beginning sentences with conjunctions was improper, fragmented sentence structure in first grade English class. It’s too bad Will threw EJ under the bus! EJ evidently has the best grasp of the English language; if EJ writes as eloquently as he speaks, he could proofread Will’s future pieces.

  3. Okay – but the article is perfectly consistent with the maturity/intellectual level established for Will. He has been written in recent years as a pampered, tunnel-visioned, somewhat limited, young adult (“surprise party”, anyone?). Intentional or not, the writing style is very consistent with Will’s dialogue and character development.

    What’s surprising from a character standpoint is why he didn’t mention Sami’s tango with E.J. on the DiMera couch while she was married to Rafe, or the date-rape of Austin. There were some great opportunities to bring in Sami’s “crimes” that make Abigail look pretty tame.

    Extra points to NBC for having providing a “bonus” feature for loyal viewers. Gotta love the comments on that page as well!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Heh. Good point, though I’m not sure they intend for Will to come off like such an idiot…

      Will did bring up Sami’s affair with E.J. back when they were fighting over this, even if he didn’t put it in the article. I appreciated that they’re tying this back to all that.

      The Will/Sonny fight on Tuesday was GOLD!!! Brought up so many of the existing issues between them.

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