Everyone is Terrible

You know what might actually make Daniel a hero? If he tossed this tiresome bozo in a laundry truck (preferably offscreen) and shipped her off to parts unknown.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.51.24 PM

Either Mary Beth is psychotically in love with Paige or she is just the absolute worst. Don’t you have anything else to worry about? 

Speaking of psychotically in love… I can’t with JJ proclaiming, “I would do anything for Daniel!” If I were Paige, I’d be getting concerned.

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10 Comments on “Everyone is Terrible”

  1. GnuHopper Says:

    You know what might be interesting? If Mary Beth turned out to be Maxine’s daughter. They both have a tendency to fixate on white folks and their love lives while seeming to have no lives of their own.

  2. onemothing2 Says:

    Seriously what is this girls problem! She is Mary Bitch to me! Ugh.

  3. Dylan Says:

    She’s the worst character ever! She keeps showing up and repeating the same things. lol. “Is he yours?” oh my goodness.. I thought she would just be a one or two day guest star role, but now she keeps popping up. Doesn’t SHE have some semi-ivy league school to get ready to attend in several weeks? Ugh

  4. Farah Says:

    I think the actress is cute. And she’s not as wooden as Paige. I would be here for angry sex with JJ.

  5. Andie Says:

    She is soooo annoying!!! Seriously, what kind of “best friend” doesn’t want happiness for her girl? I think MB is jealous of Paige having a man and she doesn’t.
    Also, what was the deal with MB tatailing to Eve? Really?!

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