Surprises Abound

Sometimes you’re just lying on the couch, having a glass four glasses of wine and winding down for the night, and your crazy-making daily television habit actually throws you a curveball. It happened a few times this week.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.56.01 AM

When Nicole pointed out that maybe Eric has been pushing her away so that she won’t help him get reinstated as a priest? Surprising! Interesting! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it was one of those psychological insights that really tied things together for me. Days, I like it when you’re smart every now and then. And I appreciate that they had both Nicole and Eric point out the hypocrisy in his wanting to be a man of God while admitting that he hates Nicole for making it impossible. I don’t really like how nasty things have gotten between them, but it’s at least interesting and human.

Also surprising:

  • How Nicole cut her hair again. She basically now has Miley Cyrus’s current hair/Madonna’s hair from 1992. I don’t necessarily think it looks bad, but this woman has had more hairdos in the past six months than Jennifer has had atrocious outfits, which is really saying something.
  • Sami leading Adrienne to believe that Kayla and Justin had an affair. What a bitch move! It was pure spiteful Sami, though, and it gave some needed insight into how badly this hurt her and why she’s acting like such a raving lunatic now.
  • Rafe’s fling with Kate dredging up uncomfortable issues between Abigail and Ben. I like that they didn’t have him disavow her the minute he found out she slept with EJ, but it’s creeping up in more organic, intriguing ways like this.
  • Kristen spending the first two weeks of her limited run locked in a damn supply closet with Daniel. (I didn’t say they were all good surprises!) Are you kidding me? I know that they probably shot all these scenes in a day or two, and without them, her run simply would’ve been even shorter, but… ugh. I “can’t wait” to see the cheap-ass parade they throw him when he finally hauls her back to Salem.
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6 Comments on “Surprises Abound”

  1. eramer Says:

    Daniel and Kristen in a closet, with him being gleefully rapey towards her, is the straw that finally broke this camel’s back. Days has been pushing me farther and farther away the past few months. I stuck around for the promise of Eve, but her story is boring me to tears. Then I stuck around for the promise of Kristen’s return, and this is what they give us? And not only is it her stuck in a closet with Daniel, it’s her stuck in a closet with Daniel and acting like a sniveling whiny baby. “Wahh I miss Bradyyyy wahhh I’m not even Kristen DiMera anymore because all I do is whine and whine and blah blah BLAH.” Such a goddamn waste. I cannot believe they got ED back for a while and THIS is what they gave her. The Jonas hero worship is just too fucking much to handle anymore.
    I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be taking this out on you and your blog, but I’m so beyond disappointed. I’m out. I just want to say thank you for your weekly recaps and everything else you post. This site is the only way I’m going to know how the remainder of Sami’s terror plays out.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hear ya. The Daniel stuff is out of control. I’m actually enjoying most of the rest of the show, and I’ve seen it so much worse, but I cannot handle this Daniel propaganda. He’s officially the new Belle!

  2. Dan Says:

    I’m slowly catching up watching one week at a time in a single sitting. Last week was pretty solid.

    The Kayla / Justin stuff was not only solid, but historically accurate. I believed the set up and wondered if they were really going to back track and reveal that Kayla and Justin had a one night stand. This is why I love the show. Finally, it dawned on me that the annulment document that Eve has produced probably isn’t the real annulment document that she and Jack signed years ago. This is a brilliant idea because Eve did lose Nick Corelli’s fortune when Jack used it to buy the Spectator. I love the idea of Eve exploiting the past since Jack isn’t around to tell his side of the story and Eve needs to pay for Paige’s tuition.

    Watching Friday’s Nicole/Eric scenes now. This is why I still watch DAYS. I could watch these two for days, pun (sadly) intended. It’s wonderful how well plotted it is and how beautifully angst-y it all is. Nicole calling Eric out on his inability to forgive Nicole is brilliant and kind of darkens Eric in a meaningful way. He desperately wants to hate Nicole because he doesn’t want to accept how much he still cares for her.

    I’m not a huge fan of Ben, but I do love how the show has integrated the canvas so we can have scenes where Abigail and Rafe can have a conversation or Sami and Anne can have scenes together even though there stories are not connected in the most obvious manner. Ben’s rage was an interesting shading to the character that I didn’t expect, but gives him a bit more depth. Don’t get me wrong, this is clearly Curtis/Billie/Austin 2.0, but I want to see what happens to Kate when she realizes what she has done. I’ve really loved how they’ve worked Kate back into the Horton orbit and still hold out hope for an eventual Bill Horton recast.

    The Sami/Kate breakfast scenes have also been great. This was the kind of material I expected when Kate was married to Stefano and Nicole was married to E.J. and living at the Dimera mansion. The show is really doing a good job playing what is there. Tomlin always seems to manage to salvage things despite all the issues the show continues to have hurled at it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m so glad you checked in and that you’re still with the show and finding things to enjoy. There’s a FEEL to the canvas that I just enjoy, which is really exemplified in the fact that there’s not even really a story going on with Sami — it’s just a theme unifying a bunch of interactions, almost all of which are delicious. I think you might be right about Eve, too…

  3. Andie Says:

    I’ve wondered if Arianne/Nicole has the same hairdresser as MacKenzie Westmore/Sheridan Crane from Passions every time their beautiful blonde hair starts to grow it just butchered into some heinous haircut/style worn by Princess Diana (or like you said Miley Cyrus or ’92 Madonna lol).
    I actually believed for a few minutes that Justin cheated on Kayla. Great job, Sami for putting Adrienne in her shoes.
    I was a bit disappointed in the Kristen return as well. She looked great like a sexy blonde cat-woman but, all those DAYS in the supply closet and the back of the truck were a major letdown. By the way, the trailer of the truck looked more like a small storage room in an unfinished basement and it didn’t look like it was moving. Some of the dialogue and Daniel taking care of Kristen’s rope burns was interesting. I like how she was brought straight to Salem PD. I hope we get some more compelling stuff with Kristen at the jailhouse and at court. I heard the bitchy DA Melinda Trask was coming back this month.
    I don’t know what will come of Ben and Abby are they gonna get it anytime soon or what?

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG. It totally does remind me of Sheridan on Passions! I was always alarmed that that actress was like 28 when the show started, because they had her done up to look 45.

      Kristen’s return has just been weird. I suspect it’s really more of a “wrapping up loose ends” than the full-on return to a story that we all expected.

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