I Don’t Want to Get My HOPES Up…

…but why is Peter Reckell (Bo) on the monitor in this shot Kate Mansi just posted on Instagram?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 6.18.37 PM

I don’t think they show random reruns in the studio, right?

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13 Comments on “I Don’t Want to Get My HOPES Up…”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    fun !

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    According to Kristian Alfonso (via Instagram – http://instagram.com/p/q2h8V9OG8L/), they were just watching old clips. Which is disappointing, because I would LOVE for Bo to come back and give Hope some closure.

  3. Farah Says:

    All this tells me is that Clyde is is still airing through November sweeps. Urgh.

  4. eramer Says:

    There was an article floating around a few days ago with quotes from Peter, saying he would be happy to come back and close up Bo’s story if the writing was right. I always thought he left because Days couldn’t afford him anymore, but it sounded like he just hated where the SL was going.

  5. Andie Says:

    WTH!? Why don’t they just call Robert Kelker Kelley or something. It’s just wrong to keep Bope fans hanging.

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