WTF Wednesday: The Walker/Mendez Clan

Welcome to WTF Wednesday, an occasional new feature in which we’ll spotlight some of the most perplexing and/or ridiculous things in Salem history. In other words: there’s an endless trove of material and I could do this every Wednesday from now until the end of time.

Here’s one that has always driven me insane, and I know the answer is simply “the writers were making it up as they went along,” but still: what in the hell was up with the genetics of Nicole’s family?

We first met blonde, fair-skinned Nicole and her sister, Taylor, both of whom definitely appeared to be Caucasian.



They both went by the last name Walker (well, Taylor’s last name was briefly Raines, but that was never explained and they seemed to forget it, so whatever), which was also the last name of their mother, Fay.


I can’t remember which of the men came first, but there was brother Brandon Walker (who got involved with Sami) and abusive father Paul Mendez (who gave Jan Spears gonorrhea before being shot dead).



These men are both clearly Hispanic, right? (And also, how subtle to style their Bad Guy Dad like Satan himself, down to the silky red garb.)

Here’s where it gets confusing/stupid. I’ll buy that the kids all started going by their mother’s surname after Paul did all manner of terrible things, like beat Brandon and turn  Nicole into a porn star by the name of Misty Circle. As it turns out, Paul hated Brandon because he knew that Fay had had an affair with Abe Carver, and Brandon was Abe’s son. So Brandon, the one child who actually looks Hispanic, is actually half-black. And Nicole and Taylor are apparently half-Hispanic? Has this ever made any sense? To anyone?

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5 Comments on “WTF Wednesday: The Walker/Mendez Clan”

  1. Dan Says:

    That was how NBC defined diversity during that time period. Consider the equally Mexican-American Lopez-Fitzgeralds with Christopher Douglas and Galen Gering as brothers.

    Maybe it was only fan speculation, but I thought Raines was suppose to be Taylor and Nicole’s then unseen mother’s maiden name. Of course, later this was Walker.

    I really liked Taylor and Nicole when they first popped up under Sally Sussman Morina. I remember Nicole lying about where she lived and scheming to snag an apartment in a fancy complex while Taylor cleaned the floors at Titan. Of course, Eric was in love with both of them because he couldn’t be in love with his military school roommate or whatever the aborted gay story Eric Brady had.

    Back when the show was repositioning the hospital as a central point of action, I thought they should have brought Brandon Walker back. Another one of Sami’s exes, Nicole’s brother, Abe’s son. Those ties could have been milked for all they were worth. I don’t know what story I would have explored with him, but I thought he might have played well off Chloe.

    I didn’t watch much when Mendez was around, but didn’t he also impregnate Jan Spears? It was Paul’s baby she was carrying when she accused Belle of causing her miscarriage. I thought that was a chance to really cause conflict with Bo/Hope by having Hope torn over what had happened herself with Billie, but I don’t think the show went there.

    I do look forward to other WTF Wednesdays. The topics are endless.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think Paul did impregnate Jan, yeah. She moved in with Bo and Hope for a hot minute then, I think.

      Brandon totally would have fit in before Higley left. They could’ve played him with Chloe or Carly, too. It was sort of illogical, but I liked how they used the Abe/Brandon tie to give Taylor a friendship with the Carvers.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    I’d love to see WTF Wednesday every week. You’ll never run out of material.

    This shows one of two things. Either the writers hire actors before deciding who will be their mommy/daddy or they hire whoever they want and don’t care if their race/heritage doesn’t work for the story. Or they hope no one notices or cares.

  3. Andie Says:

    I think Paul Mendez could have bee. Nicole’s step dad but, maybe he adopted her and he was the only father she knew. It would be more convincing if maybe Nicole looked a bit more like Cameron Diaz or Shakira.
    Brandon was undoubtely milatto but, he could pass as Puerto Rican.
    Clyde Weston is Curtis Reed/Paul Mendez 2.0…

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