Ewe Are All Idiots

I really can’t get over this.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.45.09 AM

First of all, “Ewe Search” is hilariously absurd, and I love that someone committed to it so hard that they put that little sheep (with glasses?! Is it named Tammy Sue?) in there. Actually, I do have sympathy, because it must be nigh impossible to clear a fictional search engine, given how basically every TV show has one. But also, this actually looks like a real 2014 search engine interface, and Theresa is doing what appears to be a normal Google search (as opposed to Kristen’s 85-year-old who just got Facebook to play Farmville search a while back), and it doesn’t look like DOS, which every computer-related thing on Days did until about 2007.

And can we talk about how Daniel is so sanctimonious that he’s complaining that Jennifer was being sanctimonious by not believing him to be sanctimonious enough? It’s so insane, and– you know what? Let’s just not.

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2 Comments on “Ewe Are All Idiots”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    Ok yeah can they PA-lease STOP saying the word sanctimonious???!!!! First of all, I don’t even know what it means. Second of all, I don’t even want to look it up. And third of all, they keep using it! Teresa was the last to use it to refer to Maggie. Yes, I remember the last time it was said, who said it, and who it was said about. THAT’S how noticable it is that they use it way too much! lol.

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