John Blech

It pains me to write this post, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

I have loved Drake Hogestyn and John Black for as long as I’ve been watching Days. He’s never been a master thespian, but he and that eyebrow and the “That’s a fact” — it all just sort of is Days of Our Lives, you know? Plus, I had the opportunity to interview him and Deidre Hall when they returned in 2011, and he was such a warm guy, so friendly and so excited about the show.

But his acting these days is TERRIBLE.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.15.06 AM

Like, it pains me when he comes huffing and puffing into a scene. He can’t possibly intend for it to come off like this. Or he made a choice that John’s characterization should be Constipated Asshole, which is a very strange choice indeed. I’m kind of annoyed that John is just floating around Salem without any real purpose — I kind of forget he’s back on the show most of the time — but I’m also sort of relieved I don’t have to watch him more. Sir, someone needs to sit you down and make you watch the show and see how horribly you’re coming off — and that’s a fact.

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11 Comments on “John Blech”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    both he and dr jonass went to the Clint Eastwood School of Speaking…… Shut The Front Door.

  2. Be careful. Jarlena fans are the original crazies. They jump on you with equal fury of the EJamis.

  3. Dylan Says:

    The last interesting scene we had with John was like a year ago when Marlena slapped him in the most dramatic manner and said “You make me sick!” Even then he was still acting like ‘Constipated Asshole’. What is with him? So strange.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That was a great scene! I don’t really know what John wants at this point. Does he want to be back with Marlena? He was such a dick to her that it seemed like he didn’t even like her. I guess he wants to help Brady, which could help make him likable again.

  4. Rangeley Says:

    I’ve gotta disagree a bit – I thought he was very compelling when he told Theresa his speech (a few episodes ago) about how he didn’t know about her, but that this sort of thing would kill Brady. It was a pretty emotional scene, and you could really feel his desperation and worry for Brady as a father. And in that scene it seemed to even shake Theresa up (when she went back to Anne).

    Most of the time though, he hasn’t come of as compelling – like when he is kind of gloating later to Theresa that Brady is getting help. But then his purpose in that scene is to push Brady back to Theresa… really I would say, he is being written to be uncompelling and essentially a jerk (most of the time) even when he’s right. So, maybe people’s reaction is just a sign he is acting it well? 😛

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s fair. He’s had some good/decent scenes. I just find the gruff heavy whispering really strange, and he is strangely coming off as unlikable even though he doesn’t need to. I LOVE John Black, so it’s weird to me that he’s choosing to play stuff this way.

  5. otherweb1 Says:

    Huh. John has ALWAYS had gruff heavy whispering. Pair that with the raised eyebrow, and that’s what I LOVE about him! He’s a total veteran and next to Blake Berris, has always been my favorite actor to watch on the show. What IS painful is the fact that he hasn’t had a REAL story line in years! He probably costs too much to give him more air time. Anyway, I love John! hee-hee.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It seems to have gotten weirder and huskier and… angrier or something. I just wish they’d play him as a likable super-dad type and not this “dark John” they keep wanting to do.

  6. Andie Says:

    They most definitely haven’t used John right in a long time. He does nothing other than following Brady around and lecturing him, being nasty to Theresa, and ocasionally having akwquard run-ins with Marlena. Now we don’t know if he will ever wake up from his coma and if he will know who really attacked him
    John has been overzealously melodramatic and huffing and puffing as long as I’ve been watching (since around 1985). “Ooh Doc!”

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