Daytime Emmys 2014: Spare Yourself and Just Read This

It’s ironic that they’re called the Daytime Emmys, because this awards show tends to be more like something out of the deepest, most terrifying recesses of the night. Every year is like another entry in a competition to produce the most appalling, depressing show possible. And guess what? They did it again!

I’m sure that, by now, you’ve read about the horrifying red carpet show. If you happened to miss the telecast — which was streamed on the web because not even the grimmest of TV stations felt comfortable broadcasting it — you can punish yourself anytime you’d like by viewing it here.

If you’re just interested in the relevant Days info: we took home three awards, for Lead Actress (Eileen Davidson), Supporting Actor (Eric Martsolf), and Younger Actor (Chandler Massey).


I’m delighted for Eileen Davidson, because her work last year as Kristen was fantastic. (I’d be even more delighted if someone would give her some non-nude lipstick — she’s basically the same color from head to toe, but a win is a win.) She deserved the Emmy way back in 1998, when she was playing Kristen as an open wound and made Susan the unexpected heart of the show and was doing all that comic relief as the Banks siblings. This was an overdue and necessary win. I wouldn’t have predicted a win for Martsolf, but he had some strong material due to Brady’s rollercoaster of a relationship with Kristen, and I’m just happy that we’re finally in an era in which actors from Days are actually recognized for their work the same way that the CBS and ABC actors have been for so many years.

Chandler Massey’s win for his work as Will was his third Daytime Emmy, which is pretty damn impressive. I know a lot of people — myself included — had criticisms of some of his choices (all the damn smirking), but he saw Will through such an important storyline, and I can’t imagine any of the other nominees had anything more compelling to do. Of course, this being the Daytime Emmys, there was an insulting and insane foul-up: when they showed the clip to go along with Massey’s nomination, they showed a clip of the Will/Sonny wedding… during which Will was being played not by Chandler Massey, but by Guy Wilson. Like, someone has to be trying to reach this level of ineptitude, right?

And that’s about it. One Life to Live won for Outstanding Directing Team, which made me happy because some real effort went into the short-lived online reboots of that and All My Children, and it’s nice to see the people who worked so hard receive some acknowledgement. The prizes for Writing Team and Outstanding Daytime Drama went to The Young and the Restless, which from just about everything I read is a festering turd  at the moment, so of course it was rewarded at this shitshow.

Tune in next year, when they make the statues out of old toilet parts and then beat the winners to death with them onstage!

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15 Comments on “Daytime Emmys 2014: Spare Yourself and Just Read This”

  1. Casey Moss should’ve been nominated. (and Bryan Craig from GH should’ve won). Chandler was just so unimpressive during his final year.

    Yay for Eileen and Eric. They were great.

    • Dylan Says:

      I was surprised that Chandler won too. He didn’t really do anything great during his last year. His best years were up to the end of 2012 in my opinion. Casey Moss was amazing during the troubled JJ storyline, when he was breaking the windows and blaming everyone for his own mistakes. Also Ariane Zucker & Greg Vaughan, I feel like they should have been nominated for some sort of award.

      • You can tell with Chandler that the moment TomSell came aboard and changed the Dark!Will story, he wasn’t there anymore. I can understand, I hated the domesticated Will too, but he gave up. Casey (and Bryan) gave all their scenes 110%. I guess Chandler was just an Emmy fave.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I didn’t HATE Chandler during his last year, though he got… goofier or something. You only have to submit two episodes, and I’m sure he had some standout stuff (especially with the baby, navigating the beginning of his relationship with Sonny, etc.).

        Bryan Craig, from what I’ve seen, is really stiff, but I haven’t seen enough of him to judge that well. Casey Moss totally deserved a nomination.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m actually shocked Greg Vaughan wasn’t, though maybe he has a strong chance this year. His Eric feels so different from so many of the men on daytime, in a great way.

        I think the content of Chandler’s reel probably carried him more than anything. Anything to do with Will’s newfound sexuality was probably interesting to the voters — plus they had the context of knowing he was a two-time winner.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Oh, and AZ was nominated for Lead Actress. Totally deserved. I’m glad Eileen won, but I’d have been happy with either.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Casey Moss really should have. He was great, especially as a total newbie thrown into some heavy stuff. His material in 2014 has been so much weaker (panting after Paige, slobbering over Daniel).

      • Dylan Says:

        I didn’t watch the daytime emmys but it sounds like the situation with soap operas is pretty grim.. It’s very sad. OLTL cancelled, ATWT cancelled, All my children cancelled.. Do you think that soap operas will exist in ten years?

      • mykleraus Says:

        A few years ago, I would’ve said absolutely not. But the remaining ones seem to have figured out their budgets and the ratings are holding steady, so they’re decent business for the networks. I think it’s possible all four COULD be around in ten years’ time, yeah. I’m still disappointed that the online reboots of OLTL and AMC didn’t work out, because there was a lot of potential there.

  2. @Dylan Soaps are the best they’ve been in YEARS. All the shows ratings are rising and the demos are up. It’s sad that it’s been such a resurgent for soaps this past year, but the Emmy’s didn’t reflect that. All the shows were renewed last year. Days is renewed past the 50th.

    Out of all the shows, sadly, I think Days would be the first to go, if they were cancelling soaps. GH still has somewhat of a pop culture presence. CBS makes bank from B&B and Y&R overseas distribution rights. Y&R has been the number 1 show for 25 years. B&B is the world’s most watched soap opera (25 million people watch everyday). And Days still fights GH for third and sometimes fourth place ratings domestically.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think Days or GH would be first to go, yeah. ABC actually seems less committed to GH than NBC is to Days lately — but I think it might be because NBC is such a mess that they can’t afford to axe something that’s performing reliably.

      • Days airs overseas while GH doesn’t. So you’re probably right.

      • Dylan Says:

        It does seem like Days has potential (I don’t watch the other soaps). It seems like about half of the storylines are pretty good (Hope & Aiden, Eric & Nicole before Daniel became the center of the storyline, Eve Donovan coming back and stirring things up with Jennifer, Paige and JJ, Sami & Kate conspiring against the DiMeras & revenge against EJ & Abby affair) and half of them are horrible (Rafe & Jordan and her possy & her secret & Kate’s obsession with her “hurting Rafe”, Theresa and Brady having the same conversation over and over, Daniel & Jennifer bumping into each other while holding coffee cups, Will & Sonny basically doing nothing, Marlena wandering around town judging people and occasionally running into John).

      • mykleraus Says:

        Days is close to being really good. The WAY they write stories generally works for me, even if the stories themselves don’t always. There’s a lot of nice intertwining of the cast, and they’ve done a good job getting that small-town feel back.

  3. […] were announced. This year’s ceremony, to be held on Sunday, April 26, will be a step up from last year’s online disaster in that it will be airing on something called “Pop TV,” which I think used to be the TV […]

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