Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This week, the role of Carly Manning from 2010 was played by this baboon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.21.47 AM

Chloe Nicole has something to tell you, Daniel Eric — and I’m not leaving until she does!” [commercial break] “Oh wait, I actually have to go do something. See ya later!”

(I have a rule about not making fun of the actors’ actual appearances, just styling, and maybe this is getting close to the line, but I can justify it by take a damn shower and cut your hair!)


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11 Comments on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    a “15 car pile up” indeed……i am SO sick of this guy…..BUTT OUT!!!!

  2. eramer Says:

    Maaan I am sick of him, too. He never really bothered me till he got with Jennifer, why is it that she makes him devolve?

    • mykleraus Says:

      They make each other worse.

      Honestly, I didn’t hate him before they decided to make him the town saint. He was sort of a b-level character who was useful for storylines centered on the women around him. I actually think Shawn Christian can be likable in the friendship scenes. But tying him to Maggie and having everyone constantly fretting about Daniel is just too damn much.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Ah, poor Dr. Dan! I love how he mentors JJ. And I love how JJ adores him. And I used to feel like him and Jen had a lot of relationships scenes that were so real-life. But, ever since they got back together “for good” this year, their storyline, and authenticity of their relationship, seems to be devolving. Maybe because Sammy & EJ are leaving they are replacing their role as the Salem drama squad so that’s why they are up in everyone else’s business? Except they can’t fill those shoes, so that’s why everything they touch isn’t as fun to watch? Although I did find the NIcole and Daniel cat-fight HIGHLY entertaining and great to watch! I was liking Nicole for a while…until the Chyka thing, and now I CAN’T STAND HER! She is SUCH a bitch! I thought they were taking her character into reformed mode. Guess not. I usually watch a day behind online, so I won’t know till tomorrow what went down with her and Eric at St. Luke’s. I agree that bringing Jack back, even if it wasn’t Matthew Ashford, would create some interesting drama. I’m also surprised at the rapid pace they’ve been firing off the elopement drama and the Nick who-dunnit. Normally, it takes Days months to siphon off such drama. Which I enjoy! I love the suspense and the deliberate storytelling. But they just did the who-dunnit and Eric/Nicole in like one week! I wonder if it’s because they are in a rush because of the rapid fire cast departures? Anyway, the only thing more annoying than watching Will play the martyr (and badly might I add…I might not have minded so much if Chandler played it), is watching Abigail weave around with her perpetual zoned out deer-in-the-headlights look! Ugh!!! Now wait, make that Jen being perpetually out of breath … or maybe Daniel emphasizing the exhale every time he talks? Why did Blake Berris have to leave the show?! Eh, I still love Days. Been watching it for 30 years now .. I’ll always love it!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Somehow, I still don’t hate Nicole. I’m cringing that she did something so stupid and selfish, but I sort of get WHY she did it — and she knows it was wrong and it wasn’t done maliciously. Plus I’m dying at the way she keeps flat-out turning on Daniel.

      I really have no idea why the pace suddenly got so accelerated. It felt like they were killing time for a while, but what are we racing to get to? More of Jordan and Rafe sitting around talking? There’s nothing else on deck.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        True … she didn’t do it maliciously. I wouldn’t put her in the same league as Kristen. After the whole Gabi confession, which seemed real and not a fake-out, I’m now thinking the Nick acceleration was to take care of Gabi’s (and Nick’s) departures. And maybe the Eric acceleration has to do with Kristen’s reappearance? In terms of what could be on deck, I’m thinking up next is Will and Sonny raising Arianna alone, which will be awesome! I’m thinking the Theresa/Kristen clashing is going to be epic. And who knows, maybe they will drag Dr. Dan into it. And … how about Daniel and Jen being torn apart because Daniel is upset Jen ratted out Nicole and Jen is pissed at Daniel for keeping the secret. And this leads into Dan getting with Nicole and Jen getting with Eric (as long and Jen and Eric aren’t related?) Plus, John and Brady might get going again with Kristen returning, and the John/Kristen/Brady thing will flare up again. And maybe finally we will get Hope and Aiden going. Oh yeah, and maybe someday something will happen with Jordan’s past. And maybe they will replace Kate Mansi so I can start enjoying Ben and Abbey. And Paige will start talking with a normal voice so I can start enjoying JJ and Paige. And omg if they ever gave Rory more airtime! I LOVE him! Never mind that he’s hilarious, but picture him with a nice haircut and he’s actually gorgeous!

      • mykleraus Says:

        It felt like they were treading water for sooooo long, so I welcome the accelerated pace, but both the Eric/Nicole and Nick’s Murder stories feel rushed at this point. It must be because they’re hurrying along to get to new stuff… right? I presume they want Eric single and lost again when Kristen shows up (with his kid?). I’d be for trying a Jen/Eric pairing, honestly, if it’s based on her choosing not to be with Daniel and not just some idiotic misunderstanding. There’s good potential for conflict between them here, though.

        You really dislike Kate Mansi that much? I actually like her but feel she’s been underutilized a lot.

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    Yeah, no more Dan/Jen splits based on misunderstandings or someone else’s lies!! Make it their own choice this time. I’m always a day behind, so I’ve seen up to Tues this week, and based on the final shot of Nicole (great acting btw) and her literally saying she’d do anything not to lose Eric, I’m going to take her word for it. I see Nicole going after Jen for revenge big time. Jen and Daniel growing apart because she tattled and because he didn’t. Jen and Eric bonding over it all. And this whole ordeal making Dan and Nicole closer, especially since Daniel supported and forgave Nicole in all this whereas Eric didn’t. And even though Nicole has real feelings for Dan, maybe also a little bit of her going after him to get back at Jen? Enter Kristen, possibly with a child, and that’s at least a good year’s worth of a Jen/Dan/Nicole/Eric/Kristen/Brady/Teresa (and HOPEFULLY John) shit storm drama. It’ll be like EJ/Sammy never left. I think Kate Mansi is gorgeous, and I like the character of Abigail. But I can’t stand when she has the zoned out deer-in-the-headlights look on her face, which is most of the time. And she’s overly critical of men. I hope Ben turns out to be a bad guy so we can see her in another screwed up relationship. mwuahahaha.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I could see all that working. Is it weird that I’d rather see Brady with Kristen than spinning out with Theresa? He’s actually in a worse place now than he was just being with Kristen!

      I know the Abigail expression you’re talking about. I think part of it is that they’ve written Abigail as just sort of “a good girl” for so long (aside from her brief foray into crazy via Austin), so they give her a lot of that Jennifer thing where she’s just SHOCKED by everything.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        HAHAHA. Love the Abby analysis!

        And you know what, you’re right! Kristen IS a much better catch for him than Teresa! At least Kristen wasn’t trying to keep him hooked on coke! Like Nicole, at least Kristen was doing it all for love. And drugging and raping his priest brother was only to get back at Marlena for ruining their 1st wedding. Oh no, wait, it all started when she had Brady attacked. Ok, nevermind. Still, Kristen is much better for Brady than Teresa. Getting him beat up is way nicer than keeping him on drugs.

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