Popular Actor OUT!

Another Salemite will be departing later in 2014. Go behind the cut to find out who it is…


According to Soap Opera Digest, James Scott has just finished shooting as EJ!

After eight years in Salem, James Scott wraps up his run as EJ DiMera today, May 2, though with the show’s production schedule, he will air well into the fall. “We are saddened but supportive of James Scott’s decision to leave the show after eight years to take some personal time and pursue new projects,” said NBC/Corday Productions in a statement to Digest. “His contribution to the show has been tremendous and we wish him the best always.” 

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. With Alison Sweeney (Sami) exiting, EJ was going to have to be redirected in some way — and James Scott has seemed to hint at leaving the show before. It seems like a natural breaking point and an opportunity to refocus. I don’t really feel that Sami and EJ have “eaten the show” the way a lot of people do — they have been the frontburner characters, yeah, but there are always those — but I do think it’s an opportunity to breathe some fresh air into the show. Could Sami and EJ actually exit together? Maybe that’s why we got that fantasy blowout episode; Sami will find out about the affair and actually not lose her mind. I’m interested to see how they play this out.

Of course, I don’t see a ton of other stuff waiting in the wings to step into that lead category. Jennifer and Daniel will continue to be forced upon us, I’m sure, but everything else is feeling solidly like B- or C-story at this point. Eric and Nicole work well, but they’re not quite there. Rafe/Jordan? Please, no. JJ/Paige? Absolutely not. There’s a lot to build on, but I’m not seeing much that feels lead-worthy at the moment. I’d love for them to build out Will and Sonny, and Eve and Kristen should inject some life into the canvas this summer, but this could really be a chance to add a segment to the show (like bringing Hope back into A-level story, bringing back Belle or Carrie, something of that nature).

I’ve always found James Scott to be a charismatic, reliable actor, and his character (even at his most reprehensible) has been a useful vehicle for driving story. In some ways, it’s hard to believe he’s been on for eight years, and in others, it’s hard to fathom that it’s only been eight years. I’m still praying we get Eileen Davidson to do one day as Susan before he leaves, just so we can finally see EJ and his mother onscreen together…

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9 Comments on “Popular Actor OUT!”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    frankly i couldn’t stand JS when they 1st brought him into the show….and they did it poorly with a totally lame stupid story line…but he grew on me……I am almost sure once he and Allison are gone so am I……

  2. Erin L. Says:

    This is heart breaking. The reason I started watching (other than I had no cable and NBC was the only channel that came in clear enough to actually watch) was Sami and Nicole both pregnant with his baby and eventual baby switch. I feel like they have always been the A story lines for me and the rest was just filler. I like good EJ, but I LOVE Evil EJ. Especially when he is threatening someone.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Rafe in the front seat for a while. I really like him and I feel this story with Jordan has something interesting coming along I just wish they would freaking get to what she is hiding from. Watching this progress so slowly (not at all) I am loosing interest. I’m sure when they finally reveal what she and Ben are afraid of it will be something stupid. Then I will really be pissed.

    • UnderYourWing Says:

      i SO agree with the jordan and ben bullshite i am just getting fed up with DOOL in general really…… but can’t wait for nick to meet that burner! i hope its RIP rather than 9 months of crap of him in the hospital….

      • mykleraus Says:

        I actually appreciate Nick, a) because Blake Berris is really good and b) because at least someone is stirring shit up. Otherwise everyone would just be sitting on benches and yapping about Daniel…

      • UnderYourWing Says:

        i agree 100% he IS good he’s psycho bitch crazy! ( nick.)

    • mykleraus Says:

      That baby switch was truly one of the great Days storylines. It was what brought me back into the show. I don’t think we can have a Days without an EJ, a Philip, or a Nicholas Alamain in the mold of those guys.

      Rafe is “fine” to me. He works as a straight man when paired with a dynamic woman. I just don’t think they’ve done the legwork necessary to make Jordan work as a lead. Her and Ben’s secret cannot possibly be as interesting as they’ve teased it to be…

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I’m thinking Jordan and Ben murdered one of their parents. Either that, or Kate is their mother. It was SUCH a loss to have Nick not only go, but be killed off. First off, because Blake was the best actor on the show, and possibly in the history of the show. So at least it makes sense why he chose to leave … I hope he gets his own TV show soon. But, fine, so Blake Berris wants to leave … so just recast .. why did they have to KILL him???!!! The Nick storyline to me was the most interesting in the past 2 years! It pulled so many people into it, and I LOVED the chaos of the post-river drama that everyone was sucked into, which also catapulted the EJ/Abigail affair. It was SO much fun watching Gabbi freak out, Kate and Sammy mastermind, Will try to keep the peace, and EJ taking command and frenetically trying to steer the ship and keep it from sinking! THEN, when Nick came back, OMG it was GOLD watching him have everyone by the balls! ESPECIALLY Kate and EJ??!!! Who, besides Stefano, is EVER capable of having Kate and EJ by the balls? The confrontations between Nick and Kate/EJ were OUTSTANDING! So they could have at least recast to keep such an entertaining storyline going .. but then again, how long can Nick keep nailing everyone .. maybe they could have had him start an affair with Kate instead? Anyway, Kristin is coming back, so she should be able to pick up where Nick left off … too bad though she isn’t back permanently! Maybe they need to brainwash John again and turn him loose to do some evil and wreak some havoc?

      • mykleraus Says:

        OMG. If Kate is their mother, hand me a noose, please. This woman has populated half of Salem!

        I understand why they chose to kill Nick, since the actor wanted to leave, but he really did seem to be a perfect next-generation villain. And I loved the idea of an evil Horton long-term. As long as this storyline is worthwhile and we don’t get some copout ending, I can accept it, because otherwise, it’ll just be a huge waste of future story.

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