What Happened in Salem: Week of April 21st

While EJ dreamed of a show more interesting than the one we watch, Liam continued to run amok…

Nicole tracked down Liam’s ex-wife, Debra, who is apparently so terrified of Liam that she will go out of her way to meet with random people to talk about him. Debra confirmed that Liam has a fetish for women who don’t know when to put down the peroxide and gave Nicole the key to a safe deposit box, but Liam intercepted her and once again threatened her with blackmail.

Read the rest to find out What Happened in Salem last week!


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4 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of April 21st”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    as we know know liam runs amok no mo……moment of silence and a few boxes of Sadness Estates wine please…..now, can we get gabby some electroshock treatment for her to realize letting her almost rapist who is now blackmailing her and others due to Mr Greetings saving his psycho ass is a tad cukoo? thank you very much. carry on!

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    OH NO!!!!!!! no no no but how wonderful for HIM! (jealous!!) hhhmmmm….gives extraordinary possibilities for the show since Allison is also quitting…hmmmmm….

    James Scott has stunned his Days of Our Lives fans by quitting the show.

    The British leading man was one of the most popular stars in the daytime TV universe and his departure has an almost soap opera-like storyline.

    Earlier this spring, Scott went to Peru, smoked hallucinogenics and had an awakening, reports Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411,

    “I spent six days in the jungles of Peru doing Ayahuasca with the shaman. It was the single most positive experience of my life. Ayahuasca is this hallucinogenic. I sat in a tent, in a hut, in the jungle, on the amazons with three shaman blowing tobacco smoke into my crown, realigning my chakras and my energy, while I hallucinated for four to six hours. I mean, this is all hard to explain. It’s very spiritual and very interesting. This is a medicine that the people of South America have been using for years to have a relationship with a higher consciousness. It sounds wacky when you say it, but it was truly the most important thing I have ever done. I came back a very different person,” Scott told a soap mag after the trip.

    Ayahuasca is legal in Brazil and both Lindsay Lohan and Sting have talked about using it in the past, Friedman reports.

    In a statement announcing his decision to leave the show, Scott said he wanted to thank the producers and NBC

    “for graciously supporting me in my decision in leaving the show to take personal time.”

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think he fills a REALLY important niche on the show, and he’s been such a reliable, enjoyable performer, but I do think the show tends to go in circles with his character a bit. If they step up to the plate, this could be a breath of fresh air in the way that John & Marlena exiting in 2009 actually boosted the show.

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