I’ll Buy You a Ticket

Congratulations on getting into Stanford, Paige! I hear Palo Alto is lovely this time of year. Go, go! Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! And don’t worry about visiting home ever again!

Ugh. How much longer am I going to have to tolerate this JJ/Paige snoozefest?

Meanwhile, Days released promo photos of some new cast members, including True O’Brien (Paige) in this… interesting ensemble.


Nice long sweater coat and flared jeans with insane embellishments. I’m sure your classmates, Jessica Simpson and the TRL audience, will all be clamoring for the same get-up.

Then again, given how far in advance they film, it’s totally possible that this photo was actually taken in 1999 when Paige started shooting…

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6 Comments on “I’ll Buy You a Ticket”

  1. Jayme Says:


  2. Dylan Says:

    Maybe she’ll leave for summer session then she’ll be gone in like a month and a half!

  3. […] pants are UNGODLY. Like, this has to be a joke. It’s like Jennifer saw Paige’s hideous 2001 jeans and had to one-up her. I don’t know if Melissa Reeves is requesting these things or […]

  4. Andie Says:

    Paige usually dresses like she came straight outta Woodstock in 1969 or like she’s part of The Partridge Family. It’s ironic that Bev the stoner chick isn’t the one dressing like this, just saying. :p

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