What Happened in Salem: Week of April 14th

Hashtag of the week: #PoorDaniel.

If you thought Salem turned out in full force for Alice Horton’s memorial, you’d have been blown away by the groundswell of support for poor Daniel, which stopped just short of having Tom Horton rise from the grave to reinstate Daniel and name him Chief of Staff. Jennifer’s family and friends supported her during this difficult time, which is obviously much worse than the time her husband was killed. Nicole intended to come clean about her suspicions regarding Liam, but he blackmailed her using the Chyka-related documents that he caught her destroying, so she eventually stayed mum. Brady, who has not listened to his grandfather, father, or AA sponsor about his reckless behavior and dangerous relationship, was suddenly swayed by hearing about Daniel’s predicament; he dumped Theresa and vowed to stop drinking, all in the name of aiding Daniel.

Catch up on the other, non-Daniel-related happenings by reading the full What Happened in Salem recap!

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