Wednesday Gripes

“I’m on a field trip to see how frozen yogurt is made!”

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.18.36 AM

REALLY, Chase?! First of all, that is the saddest sentence I have ever heard, and secondly, you’d better go inside, because the place has posters for windows!

Also, Hope reading that note was too damn much.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.19.11 AM

It’s a thank-you, not a missing letter from Colleen to Santo! Cool it with the mysterious glances.

And can we make this Marybeth girl go away yet?

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.19.34 AM

What’s with the incessant hatred of JJ? She’s like a less funny (not funny at all) Anne Milbauer for the millennial set.

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8 Comments on “Wednesday Gripes”

  1. rustyspigot Says:

    At another site a poster calls her Rocky Dennis from Mask (MaryBeth). With that forehead she’s sporting, I now understand. Wake me when Kristen shows up again.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I just have NO tolerance for this insipid “story.” JJ used to smoke pot and got in trouble, so if Paige hangs out with him, Marybeth won’t get into college? I’m so confused/annoyed/bored.

      • Dan Says:

        Mary Beth also mentioned the incident at the Horton Town Square, which I think is the more pressing issue. Not only did he trash the bookstore, I believe he also assaulted the man who tried to stop him. I think they should stress this more as it makes J.J. appear unstable in the eyes of his peers, which he was at the time. This was right on top of his arrest for drugs. In general, I get why Mary Beth wouldn’t want her friend hanging around J.J.

        Mary Beth’s “I won’t get into college” mantra is a bit ridiculous, which is why the show should focus on J.J.’s criminal past.

        Usually, I’m interested in stories about young love, but this is bad. I’ve never thought Casey Moss was the stars and the sky like some have, but he is definitely out of his element as the quirky leading man. This comic shtick is intolerable even by DAYS standards. Given the group they’ve built around this kid, you’d think the story would be more solid. Go figure. I have to wonder if “Paige” was a mandate by the higher ups which is why she has been given very insignificant ties so far. I wonder if she’ll even be around come fall.

        The yogurt trip didn’t bother me as I’ve seen kids go on very random field trips. I was more concerned that Chase felt the need to explain why he was in the Square. Isn’t he in the same class as Ciara? Isn’t Ciara learning how frozen yogurt is made too or is she too busy eyeing the next set of expensive earrings she’s going to guilt her family into buying for her. Slightly off topic, I saw the film “Bad Words” this past week and was surprised to see the little boy who plays Chase was one of the contestants in the spelling bee.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t think Marybeth’s actual concerns are totally unfounded, but her insistence, in relation to her motivation, feels nuts. It really does remind me of Anne or Theresa, who hate Jennifer to such a strong degree based on… what? (I mean, I get that they wind up being the voice of the audience, but their onscreen motivations for it are really flimsy.) Marybeth literally has no point-of-view on the world other than HATE JJ NOW AND FOREVER. It’s disappointingly one-dimensional.

        This JJ/Paige thing is such a dud to me. It’s so weightless. I really am enjoying Moss, but I don’t see how he could carry a story with no story to it. There’s nothing compelling about Paige. I get what they’re going for, but it’s being executed in such a flat, dull manner.

        The yogurt thing didn’t bother me in and of itself, I guess — but I love when they have to kind of write the cheapness of the show into the actual scripts. Like, “Uh, what random shit do we have around this set that we can pretend we’re visiting?”

  2. eramer Says:

    Mary Beth wants to fuck JJ’s brains out, and is acting like a 4 year old about it.

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