A Sensible Lunchtime Marriage

For all the praise I had for Will and Sonny’s wedding, I also have a serious bone to pick.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.35.35 AM

Everyone is just going about their business like it’s any old day, and it’s still daylight out? You know what I like to do after I attend a wedding? Go home, drink a bunch of water, get out of my suit, maybe take a shower, and go the hell to bed. Things I do not care to do after attending a wedding: change into another stylish, complicated outfit; do my hair in a completely different style; meet with a local priest about running bake sales; GO TO WORK.

Did they get married at 11 a.m. on a Thursday? Didn’t anyone drink? I hate to give Theresa the benefit of the doubt in any situation, but if this is what’s expected of people after a wedding in Salem, no wonder she needs to call her coke dealer. Good grief!

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4 Comments on “A Sensible Lunchtime Marriage”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Are you sure it was the same day? And why wasn’t there a party after the ceremony?

    • mykleraus Says:

      It was definitely the same day, because Gabi told (lied to) Sami that she was getting out of her bridesmaid dress, and someone at the hospital made a comment to Jen about not expecting her back at work right after the wedding.

      We kind of saw a reception, but it looked a bit like the cocktail hour. This town is so weird.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    The wedding must have been in the morning since T made the walk of shame comment to Brady. Brady replied that he’d be ready in 10 minutes. Maybe the Kiriakis mansion is only available to host weddings on weekday mornings.

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