What Happened in Salem: Week of March 24th

Salem prepared for its First-Ever Gay Wedding ™ …

Will proved that he is truly Sami’s son (by way of the narcissism gene) when he and Sonny summoned a bunch of people to give them complicated, last-minute tasks for the wedding, such as making an 80-something-year-old woman trek to their apartment just to tell her she has 24 hours’ notice to give a speech. They also asked Marlena to officiate, which seems questionable given her track record. Was Vivian not available? Don’t come crying to me when one of you winds up hacked up beside the cake or bound and gagged with a pentagram painted on you, boys.

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened in Salem last week!

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5 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of March 24th”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    why are all these women dressed in sequins? srsly. what is up with that for a wedding? also, why wasn’t there a MALE stripper for the gays? why do i care?

  2. ML Says:

    I know it’s a gay wedding, but WHYYYYY is every female in Salem wearing sequins to this wedding? Even Arianna! Pretty sure that’s child abuse.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was going to mention this in a post about the wedding that I’m working on, but seriously: I went to a drag show last weekend. The garb was more understated there.

  3. rustyspigot Says:

    Salem is stuck in a Dynasty timeframe, it must be some device created by Stephano.

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