Women of Integrity and Smarts

Hi. Can we talk about that weird ending wherein Theresa, who apparently wore leather pants to work and then left in the middle of the day to go swanning around town (not unlike 99% of the other employees in her workplace, I suppose), demanded that Brady fuck her on his grandfather’s couch in the middle of the day?

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.36.39 AM

“It would be hot if Henderson walked in on us!” said no one ever.

And I know I call Sami an idiot with pretty great frequency, but it always bears repeating. What in the holy hell was with her declaration to Stefano that she and EJ are finally going to be together and nothing can keep them apart now?

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.21.00 AM

Woman, you have had approximately 7,000 weddings, and by my conservative estimate, only a single one of them has ever gone off successfully. Maybe hold off on the victorious crowing until you make it down the aisle, say your vows, and the groom doesn’t get shot from the rafters?

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2 Comments on “Women of Integrity and Smarts”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    Hey Mikey, greetings from Australia! I absolutely love your blog, and have been reading it religiously as I slowly catch up on 2.5 years of episodes (how did I let myself get so behind?!) I am currently up to the start of October 2013, having commenced my catch up with September 2011 (you guessed it- the opening of the town square, and the return of a slew of characters – some set to stay, some to leave a year later!)

    Anyway, the thing that prompted me to write is a really cool thing that happened last night. Days is about to re-commence on Australian tv so they brought out Shawn Christian and Kristian Alfonso for some PR. My wordpress blog is theatre reviews and I was set to fly up to Sydney for the opening of Madama Butterfly outdoors on Sydney Harbour. I wrote to my friend Scott the publicist and challenged him to get Shawn and Kristian to attend the opening. Being a Bold man, he initially scoffed at the idea, but he secretly made contact, and, lo and behold, Shawn was there!!! I had the chance to chat with him at interval (and have a terrific photo taken) and what do you think was the main thing I told him about? WHIS of course! He was very intrigued and asked me the name again so he could check it out. Hopefully you now have a new reader (Hi Shawn!)
    I am watching a minimum of 5 episodes a day to catch up so hopefully I will be there soon. Keep up the great work with this blog – it’s so hilarious!

    • mykleraus Says:

      That is awesome! Thank you very much.

      I’m impressed with your catch-up efforts — I think I would have lost my mind if I’d watched that Sept 2011-July 2012 period in such intense doses!

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