What Happened in Salem: Week of March 10th

It was a busy week for a baby that might not even exist…

Sami, the mother of four who is also running an alleged corporation and planning two weddings, had nothing better to do with her time than chase Abigail all over town and badger her about her potential pregnancy. In keeping with the spirit of helping this frightened young woman, Sami also blabbed her sensitive personal information to EJ. Panicked that this was about to turn into another two-year escapade of lies and kidnapped babies, EJ made a beeline for Abigail and insisted that he would help “take care” of her situation. Abigail, who has somehow collected all of the brains in Salem, feared that EJ’s doctor would force an abortion on her (the DiMeras are running low on their reserves of fetuses to use in complicated schemes 18 years down the line) and resisted his help. 

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened in Salem last week!

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