Wired Up

It never stops cracking me up that a) Stefano is texting and b) everyone in Salem has everyone else’s numbers in their phones.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.20.11 AM

What’s next? Caroline will send Theresa a Snapchat to check on her?

Also, I know I always make a point of keeping the local supervillain’s number in my phone. Think about it: does Stefano just give his number out to these people he hates? “Hey, I’m going to embark upon an overly complicated plot to ruin your life for vague reasons of Revenge, but here’s my cell in case you need to get in touch!” And has he been transferring the same number for years and years? You would think his service has been cut off every time he “died” — so does he send out an e-mail blast every time he’s resurrected just to keep everyone in the loop?

While we’re on the subject of technology: let’s just make a deal that we’ll all stop giving Marlena flash drives, covert surveillance items, or any combination of the two. It never ends well!

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