On the Rise

You know what I was really dying to see? A bunch of extras sitting around talking about their boners (or lack thereof).

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.07.11 AM

That whole setup with EJ having to hide on the ledge and listen to that meeting was pretty fantastic, and it was all capped off by Sami walking in on him holding the erectile dysfunction flyer. This should be good.

While we’re on the subject of Sami:

1) Can she butt out of Abigail’s life? She’s chasing this poor girl all around town badgering her about this possible pregnancy like it’s any of her business, which it is not. “Let me help you… by loudly talking about your potential pregnancy in every public space in the city!!!”

2) That argument between her and Adrienne about which mansion should host the Sonny/Will wedding was hilarious.

Adrienne: If it’s vibes you want… Victor’s house has nothing on the DiMera mansion. I mean, John and Kristen got married there, and look how great that marriage turned out.
Sami: Hey, I tried to get married in the Kiriakis mansion once. The groom ended up dead!
Adrienne: Oh yeah? Well, Kristen and John’s son almost got married there last year, and, uh, that didn’t work out so great, either.
Sonny: Mom–
Sami: How about we make sure that Victor not invite Vivian? I would hate for her to lure Will up to the roof!

If I were Adrienne, I might also have mentioned the time Sami tried to get married in the DiMera mansion but wound up shooting the groom in the head instead, but it’s not like there’s any getting through that thick skull anyway.

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4 Comments on “On the Rise”

  1. Shell Says:

    Oh man, the support support group was hilarious! And Sami harassing Abby? Good grief, I can’t believe anybody is able to actually carry a baby with all the stress shoved onto them by other salemites! I could watch hypocritical women argue over others flaws all day. The which is the worst mansion debate? I think once a puddle of blood has been mopped up in a home u live in, you lose all right to criticize.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Sami is literally chasing this poor girl around town, demanding to listen to her pee on a stick and know the results! Give it a break, woman.

      And you’re right about the mansions — why would you want to get married at either one of them?!

  2. My favorite part of last week: EJ (on the ledge) muttering “I wish I had that problem”, when that one guy started talking about being unable to impregnate his wife. Why is he surprised? EJ got the infertile Nicole pregnant TWICE.

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