I’m Sure THIS One Will Be Interesting

Oh good, another random new character, this time played by a handsome version of Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.28.30 AM

Guess whose storyline he’s in? Jordan, of course. It’s not as if we already have Rafe and Kate and Lucas and Sheryl and a damn cat all circling this bore. Never mind that Marlena, Hope, and Kayla are all wandering around Salem without their soulmates, or that Abe and Roman can’t buy screentime, or that Maggie hasn’t seen her actual, non-Daniel kids in years. No, no, we also need this hunky piece of driftwood (seriously, he’s terrible so far) to help drag this thing in circles.

Fun fact: this “Ben” is played by model/aspiring country singer Justin Gaston, who used to date Miley Cyrus back when she had long hair and clothes and dignity.

You know what, though? I’ll be eternally grateful to him if he actually causes this story to go somewhere. It’s actually remarkable how little has happened, considering the amount of screentime it’s been eating up. And the one interesting avenue might be if he comes between Sonny and Will — which is only in my brain because they had him meet Sonny and react to the fact that he’s engaged to a guy. More likely, he and Abigail will be walking around town with their heads down, bump into each other 20 times, and start squabbling.

Apropos of nothing, here’s Sami hanging out in her grandmother’s pub in the middle of the day in her nicest sheer funeral dress.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.26.52 AM

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15 Comments on “I’m Sure THIS One Will Be Interesting”

  1. Dylan Says:

    It’s hard to believe that really nothing has been revealed after what.. 7 months of Jordan being around? Even after Kate has found the fake IDs?? And why has Sheryl entirely disappeared? So weird.. I have no idea what the writers are trying to gain from this..

  2. Dan Says:

    Does Jordan / Rafe really get that much screen time? I tend to watch the episodes in chunks and haven’t noticed how often the story appears? It seems like a solid B-story.

    I think Jordan as an archetype, heroine in the 30-something tier, is needed opposite Sami and Nicole. I don’t like how they’ve kept her isolated in her own little bubble, but it makes sense in terms of the character. The scenes with Abigail and Gabi were promising and should have been continued. Given Abigail’s current story, Abigail could use a neutral person without a ton of history in Salem to confer with about her relationship with E.J. Also, based on Jordan/Ben’s conversation, it is clear that Jordan had a powerful man (father? husband?) in her life. Also, the hospital dynamic isn’t played as well as it could be. How would Sami feel if she stumbled upon Marlena having lunch with colleague/Carrie-lite Jordan? Or what if Jordan sided with Anne in the Daniel/Jennifer believing all the rumors she had heard about Dr. Dan? There are things they could have done and haven’t.

    And then there is the Kate issue. I want to believe the show wants to reunite Stefano and Kate, but haven’t because of the up and down nature of Joseph Mascolo’s health over the past year or so. As such, we’ve been subjected to Kate v. Jordan in order to utilize Lauren Koslow. Really, Jordan should be fighting in her age range with either Sami or Nicole, who both have reason to be overprotective of Rafe. Regarding Kate, the only thing I could hope for is it is revealed Jordan is connected to Kate’s own family or even Curtis Brown/Curtis Reed.

    Some of the characters you are complaining about aren’t going to get story. Kayla is recurring and the show has shown no real interest in exploring her any further. And a pox on you for suggesting they give Roman more airtime. If Josh Taylor and Deidre Hall had even an ounce of chemistry, I think they would have united Roman and Marlena. I’d love to see them give Reynolds something meaty as well as utilize him in a supporting role in Nicole’s story. Like TPTB, I have little use for Marlena. We all know Hope’s story is complicated because of Reckell, the refusal to recast, and the overabundance of supercouple deaths in the last decade. I like what they have done with Hope and like Aiden. Personally, I’m more disappointed we haven’t seen Justin in any capacity in a what seems like forever.

    I thought Ben’s reaction was a nice contrast to the whole everyone accepts Sonny and Will story. And name wise, Ben would fit in with the other men who have lusted after Sonny: Brian and Brent. I think Ben is going to go in another direction, but you never know with this show.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I feel like they’re on all the damn time now. I wouldn’t mind if they were DOING something, but it’s just a lot of them being cutesy/lovey, Jordan looking vaguely concerned or constipated, and Kate hissing in the background. I absolutely agree that they need a woman in that age range to play as a contrast to Sami and Nicole. Back in the day, Chloe worked well. They’ve tried Taylor, Madison, and Carrie in that bracket, and they’ve all failed, for various reasons — but it’s clear there’s a need there. I think Jordan would have worked a lot better (with tweaks to her “on-the-run” backstory, obviously) if they’d just called her Sarah Horton. She would automatically be connected to other people instead of just dangling out there with Rafe.

      And you’re right about all those characters I named not having story for one reason or another — but it drives me nuts that there are characters who could or should be vital, and instead we’re getting what feels like a zillion random, bland people. I’m all for Sheryl if she gives Lucas story, but I don’t see that amounting to much. Aiden has potential, at least, and he’ll keep Hope busy. (I actually LOVE the way they’re using Marlena lately. She’s in the right place.) I miss Justin, too. I know Kurth took new promo shots, but it’s really clear they’re writing around his absence lately, with all the “Justin is out of town on business!” stuff.

      Ben’s reaction to Sonny/Will felt just like JJ’s. They got a cheap ‘cliffhanger’ out of it. Sonny declared he was marrying a guy, Ben stood there with his mouth hanging out, and then they came back and he was like, “That’s cool. I didn’t know it was legal here.”

  3. Mike Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Also, what’s the deal with this Liam guy? The actor said he’s turned down a couple of Days offers in the past, but couldn’t pass this role up. What purpose did he serve exactly?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I have a bad feeling he’s going to randomly go psycho over Jennifer.

      • Shell Says:

        Oh no, oh no. I hope that does not happen. Liam could be a cool character, paired with somebody else. (Still pining for his character on as the world turns!). Two guys and a Jennifer, though? Ugh. I could be less interested in that plot, but only with some heavy-duty medication.

      • mykleraus Says:

        There’s just NO build-up to it. My one exception that could make it awesome: if he’s Peter Blake with plastic surgery.

  4. Dylan Says:

    Exactly! We’ve seen Liam like three times on-screen for a total of like five minutes, and he’s barely talked. Also he seems to have no personality! Plus this nonsense has just been done with Chloe + Daniel etc. Ugh….

  5. Andie Says:

    And another one bites the dust…they already recast Ben (Justin Gastin) just a couple months after with a new model Rob Scott Wilson (not a volleyball at all). That might be a new record for quickest recast?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think Charity Rahmer (Belle #2) wins that one. On the day she debuted on air in 2004, the show announced she was being replaced with Martha Madison. I think she only aired for two weeks.

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