Around and Around and Around

I don’t have the enormous dislike of Jen Lilley that a lot of internet commenters seem to have, but my patience for Theresa is just about shot.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.57.39 PM

What does this girl want? Anything but drugs? She was seriously willing to go to jail to screw over Jennifer, who fired her for being bad at her job — after which she immediately got another job in the same place? She’s just stupid and tiresome. I’ve seen glimpses of potential in the character, and I actually like the actress, but she’s just kind of aimlessly nasty at this point. I’m going to need some insight into her backstory or an actual root-able motivation or something.

You know what’s actually more tiresome than Theresa’s dumbass antics, though? This 400-hour conversation between Eric and this monk.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.59.17 PM

I can’t even tell if these are new scenes or if they’ve just been replaying the same ones on a loop for the past six episodes — and I have no intention of taking my finger off the fast-forward button long enough to find out!

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7 Comments on “Around and Around and Around”

  1. Dylan Says:

    The Theresa thing is SO annoying. They need to find someone else for JJ to have a storyline with other than her. Bev & Rory are cool but they don’t do much together other than plot against theresa.. And the monk is so pointless! I don’t have any idea how that conversation was helpful for Eric in the slightest!

  2. Dan Says:

    I don’t disagree with much of what you’ve said. They’ve been playing the same beat over and over. To be fair, there is a lack of men in her age range, which I find hurts her placing on the canvas. If I were writing, I would have set up the initial Theresa/Jen conflict, but immediately evolved the conflict into Theresa/Abigail with all the complications that this would involve. Eventually, a man would exacerbate their issues, preferably a young doctor at the hospital where they are both presently employed. For the hell of it, I’d probably also have a sh#t stirrer Alex Kiriakis around to cause havoc for both young ladies.

    With all that said, I do enjoy Lilley, but I think the story is doing her no favors.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, Theresa’s role feels very unfocused. Is she supposed to be a rival for Jennifer? She’s like 20 years younger than her. (And the introduction of Eve is going to make her redundant in that regard.) If she’s supposed to be an eventual love interest for JJ, they’re taking their animosity way too far. I actually was interested in her and Nick’s brief encounter, and they’re both sort of in the same age bracket. She just feels a little… lost.

  3. farah Says:

    I think the whole ‘jail’ thing was just a way to get under JJ’s skin since he had caught her. I seriously doubt that self serving Theresa would go to jail just to piss off Jennifer. She was just trying, failing, to scare JJ.

  4. Erin L. Says:

    This Theresa being angry at Jennifer for firing her is getting a little old. It was thin to begin with. I mean come on who gets that angry because your boss fires you for doing absolutely nothing. I get that she is supposed to be angry at the world and everything is everyone’s fault but her own, but she literally did nothing while she was working for Jen. She can’t be that upset that it finally caught up with her. And how many 2nd chances did Jen giver her before firing her? And she didn’t even report her for embezzlement! AND she is mad that her parents asked Jennifer for input as to if she should be allowed to stay in Salem. Jen’s response was pretty much “Derr why are you asking me? Stay away from my kid and do what you want.” So why is Jennifer the only one she is so angry at when she didn’t even stage the intervention? I just don’t buy any of it. I just don’t think there is enough motivation for that much hatred. Soo thin and boooorrring.

    Abigail and EJ! WOO now that is something I can look forward to watching! I love that shower scene! Awfully hot for daytime! I sincerely hope that Sami actually catches them in the act. I hoped she was actually going to catch them in the shower but I knew it hadn’t been dragged out long enough yet.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Sami catching them would be amazing. You know some vases and housewares would be SMASHED in the process.

      Theresa’s whole feud against Jen is so paper-thin that it’s tough for me to invest. What does this girl want? Revenge for nothing? And now they’re trying to sell that she’s actually interested in Daniel, except half the time it seems like she’s isn’t. On a show that’s generally working very well, this sticks out like a sore thumb.

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