Monday Musings

So we all know Nick is crazy as f*ck (BTW, I’m loving how he is always parading around in a Scarf of Evil these days)…

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.54.26 AM

…but you know who’s even crazier than him? This dude.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.54.41 AM

“Gree-TINGS!” Who marches around just shouting that all the time? Although, if he’s in on this whole thing with Nick, it at least explains why he’s been making such deranged comments to these three women every damn time he runs into them. I’m loving the way Nick is tormenting everyone; Blake Berris gave a great reading of “It’s all water under the bridge, Kate.” It’s so old-school, over-the-top villain, in a delightful way.

The rest of last week is kind of a blur to me, though. I’m cracking up at everyone panicking about EJ having to shut Abigail up. (Kate: “I hope he sticks a cork in her!” Indeed.) Like, how did this become his sole duty? What are they even worried she’s going to tell Hope and Julie? “I thought EJ did something bad to Nick, but obviously he didn’t because Nick is here”? JJ’s whole plan is confusing — How did he know Theresa would take this bait? Does he think Abigail won’t notice her check went missing? (Incidentally, I met Allison Paige, who plays Bev, on Friday night. She was lovely and so pretty, so I’m even more in favor of them using Bev and Rory more. Plus there’s literally no one else in the entire town who is JJ’s age…)

Also! Days won the Writers’ Guild award for Outstanding Daytime Drama over the weekend. (Co-head writer Gary Tomlin wasn’t eligible because he went ‘fi-core’ during the last strike in 2008, by the way.) Hooray for this deranged little show and those of us who rot our brains with it.

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13 Comments on “Monday Musings”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    Nick parading around town in the Scarf of Evil is too funny. The greetings guy is freaking crazy.

    Congratulations to the writing team for winning the award.

  2. Dan Says:

    The WGA award was well deserved. There was a series of wonderfully written episodes to chose from. It sounds like they chose a David Cherrill script, which goes to show how strong the team is when one of your weakest script writers can win you the award. I really hope this is a banner year for DAYS in terms of awards.

    Under what circumstances did you meet Alison Paige? I love DAYS’s supporting cast. The biggest mistake MarDar made was increasing the contract cast while eliminating the supporting roles.

    To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the first phase of ‘Nick’s murder,’ but this shiz is AMAZING. Nick can go along twisting the knife to Kate and Sami all he wants while trying to lure Gabi back into his good graces. Meanwhile, everyone is too caught up in the Nick drama to realize that Abby has decided to resolve her daddy issues by bedding down with E.J. You know what’s going to end up happening. Everyone is going to throw Abby/Austin in Abby’s face and no one is going to believe Abby and E.J. were a thing.

    Regarding Theresa and the check, this was how she was fired the first time from the hospital. I think J.J. is playing on her history and hoping to see Theresa take the bait. He isn’t acting like its foolproof so I’ll give him a pass.

    Last week had a lot of fall out of Eric / Nicole in the basement, but nowhere near the angsty drama that occurred the week before that.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying this phase of the Nick story. I think a lot of what came before worked for me precisely because I knew/suspected we were going to get to this point — so I didn’t really have to think of Nick as “dead,” and that allowed the camp to feel more appropriate. And that’s such a good point about Abby/Austin. I can’t believe they found a way to pay off THAT dropped story!

      I was eating at a restaurant where Allison Paige works. She seemed excited that someone recognized her from the show, and since she’s still shooting, Bev will at least be on the air through 2016 or so. 😉

      • Dan Says:

        The issue I’m having with a lot of the stories this go around is that there is a lot of Reilly-esque set up that the first round of the story is always hard for me to swallow. To be fair, this has been the show’s M.O. even under Higley. In my opinion, the difference was Higley’s set up might have been slow and sloppy, but you knew where the story was going and what would happen once you got there. In a way, this works better because it lowers my expectations for the second round.

        I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with Nick now that Gabi is on the way out. Guy Wilson has managed level the playing field when it comes to Will versus Nick. He really heightens their rivalry to another level. I’m just curious to see what they’ll do now that Gabi’s out of the picture. Maybe bring in another never before mentioned Hernandez sister?

        The Austin-Abby story was a dud when it could have been a real mess. Austin and Chad were stepbrothers. If that dynamic was played, that alone would have heightened the conflict because it would have added stress to the deteriorating marriage of Stefano and Kate. Austin and Jennifer were close from when they worked on the talk show together and Austin had donated bone marrow to Abigail for when she was sick. The way they played the story you would have thought Abigail was some random college student trying to come between dumb as a stump Austin and his bored wife Carrie. I HATED what MarDar did with Carrie and Austin. I thought Carrie panting after Rafe while married to Austin was out of character, and that’s not a phrase I throw around easily. I know there was the whole Mike/Carrie thing, but the whole Carrie/Rafe story just felt so inorganic.

        Once Whitsell/Tomlin entered, I think E.J./Abby were always intended to happen. During the deadbaby fiasco, there was that confrontation between E.J. / Abby and E.J. declaring that he would make Jennifer pay for what she had done. I suspect the original intention was for E.J. to deflower Abigail, but then things became derailed. Plus, Jennifer even name dropped the deadbaby fiasco when she recently confronted E.J. You know this is not going to end well. Hopefully, the work Kate back into the equation because the Kate/Jennifer dynamic fascinates me more and more.

        Bev is interesting and I like Allison Paige, but I think of her and Rory as Tad and Kinsey 2.0. I’m not convinced Bev will become a bigger fixture, but I didn’t think they’d had Rory’s mother or brother pop up. I really could use Rory’s mom on a recurring basis. That woman was fabulous. Couldn’t she come and clean Jennifer’s house on a regular basis or reveal herself to be Anne Milbauer’s sister?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I agree 100% about the hinky beginnings to stories. You can pretty much see onscreen the minute they decide, “Okay, time to make this story happen.” I had the same issue with Higley’s era. One of the worst examples was the Melanie/Philip thing — one minute, Melanie was this seductress, and Philip was in love with Steph, and there was that sex tape thing, and literally in one day, Philip proposed to Mel and they were off to elope and she was really in love with Nathan. They refocused the ENTIRE story in, like, two episodes. Same with the Chloe/Philip affair — you could see the shift happen. I’d normally be more annoyed, but the payoffs are generally worth it (Kristen’s whole plan to drug Eric, based on its setup, should never have been this good).

        I feel like EJ/Abigail has been a thought for a long time, like they knew they were going to get there one day. It really binds together new segments of the canvas in an interesting way, and it finally makes Abigail a lead-level character.

        Austin/Abby was SUCH a waste. That whole thing was so jarring, and it could have been so good. I never bought Carrie and Rafe’s “relationship.” I could see how feelings could have developed, but it should have taken months and months, not one day in the office when the AC went out (in January). And Carrie would have never, ever been so bold about pursuing Sami’s man. It was another MarDar “story that sounds great on paper but the focus was all in the wrong place and none of it worked.”

        I like Rory and Bev as Tad and Kinsey 2.0. I don’t really need them to be bigger characters — I just like what they add as secondary characters, same as Maxine and Tad and the like. I can’t see them doing some big JJ/Bev love story, but I like JJ having actual contemporary friends played by good/funny actors.

      • Dan Says:

        I LOVED Nathan/Melanie. To be honest, I think they are the first couple I really shipped badly since Bo/Carly 1.0. Recently, I got around to watching Nathan’s final episodes and they were incredibly painful to sit through. Melanie boldly stated that she truly loved Phillip and that Nathan needed to move on for his own sake. What a terrible conclusion! Hapka did a decent job not making Nathan the complete neurotic mess that was being written, and I was disappointed that they didn’t leave any hope for Melanie / Nathan.

        I don’t remember the string of episodes you referenced, but I remember the lame sex tape story was around the same time as the denouement of the Mark Stabile kidnaps Ciara Brady storyline and I wasn’t watching much than. I specifically remember tuning in for Stefano and Kate’s fabulous wedding, but missing a bit around then.

        Most of MarDar was painfully done. MM wasn’t a whole lot better when she was AMC with Elizabeth Snyder. Their Cassandra the sex slave was much worse than Chloe the Hooker.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I should give those episodes another watch. They really got lost along the way with Melanie and Nathan, in response to a number of factors, such as the fact that the Philip/Chloe affair only had real impact if Melanie actually loved Philip. I have to believe there was more of a plan for that quadrangle (Philip/Mel/Nathan/Steph), but then when Chappell signed back on and they made Melanie Carly’s daughter, the focus shifted a bit. That whole story was really good, so I’m not that mad, but I do think a really good young romance was lost in the mix. (I should also rewatch those quarantine episodes — they were definitely playing the longing there.)

        I actually thought the Cassandra story on AMC was better than the Chloe-is-a-hooker story, just because it wasn’t so dark and pointless. It was at least trying to be about something, and it was about her parents, too. The pacing was all screwy and the focus was in the wrong place, but the idea worked a lot better for me than, “Uh, Chloe is being blackmailed into prostitution and then just kind of keeps doing it for no reason.”

      • Dan Says:

        Honestly, the Phillip/Melanie/Stephanie story was such an ongoing mess, but it was usually messy in a successful way. I thought it was smart to align Stephanie/Melanie/Phillip quickly as they chipped away at the rest of the canvas. There was some Chelsea / Max story going on that could have been roped in, but TPTB decided to let that story simmer until Brooks and Melvin decided whether or not they would stay or leave. Once they both decided to bolt, Max and Chelsea were endgame and Stephanie said nary a word about their relationship.

        Let’s not forget that they brought on Wes Ramsey for a hot second as the fourth leg of the story. Were you watching when he was on? He played the Dimera double agent, Owen the gardener, who had a twin brother. It was very clear they intended to do more with that as Stephanie became addicted to drugs. Instead, they dropped Owen and introduced Nathan and reused their intended Melanie/Will story with Melanie/Nathan.

        I think the Melanie/Nathan/Phillip/Stephanie story could have played for years, or at least a round of recasts. Nicholas Alamain easily could have filled the Phillip role for a while inciting conflict between Stephanie/Melanie and giving Nathan a different type of rival. By that point, you could have spun Melanie / Nathan off in one direction and had Phillip/Stephanie/Nicholas play in another.

        Regarding Cassandra’s story, I had a lot of problems watching it. There was nothing redeeming about it. I don’t enjoy watching people being tortured and forced to work in strip clubs. I felt it was overly gratuitous. I didn’t need to see the owner of the strip club asking Cassandra to take off her clothes and to dance for him. I didn’t need to see women in dumpsters. I found that very dark and lacking in entertainment value.

        I guess the difference is I saw Chloe’s story as I was more interested in Kate’s role. I wanted to see Kate defend what she had done given that Kate had turned tricks herself to take care of Lucas. I thought Chloe showed moments of incredible strength during that story (where she drugged the john and saved Kinsey) despite the fact she was on a downward spiral. I felt they were taking Chloe to her darkest place to show her the light, where as I felt they were torturing Cassandra in order to be bold and relevant. But I know I’m the only person who defends Chloe’s story.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The transition from Stephanie/Max to Stephanie/Philip happened during a downtime when I was barely watching. Same for the Chelsea/Max reunion. I should really rewatch 2008, because so much of it is a blur to me.

        Stephanie being locked in that drawer in the morgue (summer 2009, maybe?) is one of the first things I vividly remember drawing me back in. It was so clear they were going for a Patch/Kayla redux with her and Owen — and they just mentioned that he had a twin, right? That had to have been a back-up plan in case they liked Ramsey but took the character too far. I remember being very interested in that dynamic, just like with Melanie and Andrew, but it ultimately went nowhere.

        The AMC trafficking story was interesting to me in the sense that it was at least supposed to be topical. I think it suffered from structural problems. We didn’t need to start with Cassandra (a character viewers barely knew, played by a brand-new recast) being abducted. Why not just come into the series with Jesse finding out about that and then get to the rescue and fallout, which was the actual meat of the story? I agree that the actual trafficking was very dark and honestly just not that interesting or revelatory to watch, and it had nothing to do with the rest of the show.

        I thought Chloe’s hooker story was just kind of nasty and dark. For Kate to do something THAT fucked-up was pretty incredible. At least when she sent Sami to Death Row, Sami had been pretty awful to her sons, and Kate had never been on Death Row herself. We never even saw Kate doubt her plan or wonder if she was crossing a line, given her own past. I think it worked intellectually, as far as tearing Chloe down to build her up again, but I just remember it being very ugly and making her look stupid.

  3. I’m in favor of them using Bev and Rory more too. They need more of a teen essence in the show. I feel like there is only people under 10 and over 25.

  4. Shell Says:

    Hahaha, the scarf of evil. It does look pretty sinister, you’re right!

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