The Walking Dead

Did someone give Susan Seaforth-Hayes the note that she’s supposed to play Julie as a character living in the Salem Serial Killer era?

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.48.38 AM

She was too damn much on Monday’s episode with all the “Gabi, you fainted DEAD away!!!” and “Before you leave, everyone, I’m going to ask Nick a question, and he has to answer it!” (Why does she have to ask him where he’s been with random people like Kate, EJ, and Sonny present?) I was half-expecting her to bust out with, “Nick, you look like a DROWNED RAT, hint hint!!!” I know she’s been acting like a deranged old biddy, but I love it. It’s hilarious, and someone’s gotta do it. And Sami’s shade the other day with “You know how Julie loves a buffet” was so ridiculous but weirdly fitting.

Nick’s whole return so far has been A+ work. Blake Berris is playing it creepily but not insanely over-the-top (for Salem), it’s suspenseful, and I honestly have no idea what comes next. Him being alive also allows the dark humor/camp factor to feel justified because we aren’t dealing with an actual death, which is nice. Everyone shoving food into their faces at the DiMera mansion while they panicked, and all the side comments between Sami and Kate lately (“Amateurs. Ugh.”), has all been so great. And if that weren’t enough, now we get Psycho For Older Men Abigail blackmailing EJ for another ride on the DiMera Rocket. This show is so damn fun right now.

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10 Comments on “The Walking Dead”

  1. Dan Says:

    They didn’t give SSH any notes, which is the problem. She has stated she called the writers about how to play it, but they didn’t respond. SSH went for the camp, which, given the Eric line, was probably for the best. I do miss how Higley era at least treated Julie as a human being rather than comic relief. I do have to say Nick has given Julie something to do and I sort of wish they had made Blake someone tied to Julie’s direct bloodline to keep things less messy, but whatever.

    Berris has been awesome and I’ve enjoyed his return more than his absence. He’s an amazing asset to the canvas and I like how Nick has acknowledged he needed help. I’m rooting for Nick even though I clearly shouldn’t.

    I’m curious to see if we’ll get more SSH when Eve shows up as that would have been a relationship Higley would have played up.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I had forgotten about Julie/Eve, but it would be nice to see them play up that connection.

      SSH’s default setting in recent years has been Ham anyway, so that coupled with this material is like the perfect storm of scenery-chewing. I’m enjoying the energy, honestly, but it’s also hilarious. I like how Julie is getting a bit of a ‘moment’ of late, just like how Adrienne and Justin got one last year — and Lucas appears to be getting one, too. It’s a nice way to use the recurring cast without clogging up the canvas.

  2. Shell Says:

    Oh I loved the eating scene. Kate and gabby “I’m not hungry” and Sami “what da? Imma make u a plate!” Hilarious! Nick has been great! He is so icky. Abby is spiraling into crazy town and I’m having fun swirling with her. Also Jen and Dan haven’t spoken all week! Very fun.

  3. fluffysmom Says:

    Even Maggie has taken a break from pimping Dannifer all over town.

    • Shell Says:

      Lol! Pimping dannifer, that was hilarious. It was getting desperate, like her time in the getting-back-together pool was getting closer and she really wanted that cash.

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    I bet Brady wishes she’d focus on Dannifer or anyone but him.

    • Shell Says:

      Yeah, I’m sure he does. Maggie is not happy unless she is up in somebody’s bizz in a borderline psychotic way.

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