Character Returns… With a New Face

Surprising recast (both in terms of who the character is and who’ll be portraying said character) announced today. Go behind the cut if you dare…

Theresa’s older half-sister and Jennifer’s one-time rival, Eve Donovan — last played by Charlotte Ross in the early 90s — is returning to Salem!



Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.45.38 PM


I’m actually not that shocked that Eve is coming back, since Ross tweeted about a meeting with Days producers not that long ago, and the show is clearly invested in utilizing Theresa and keeping her in Jen’s orbit, so this is a natural tie to explore. What’s more surprising to me is who will be playing her:


Kassie DePaiva, who played Blair on One Life to Live for many years, is stepping into the role this summer. From what I’ve seen, she’s a very capable, seasoned actress, so she’s something of a ‘get’ for Days. My initial reaction is that she feels too old to play Eve, but Eve is a contemporary of Jennifer, who’s played by 45-year-old Melissa Reeves. DePaiva is 52, which definitely feels older, especially when you think of the fact that Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) is supposed to be her dad — but Charlotte Ross is currently 46, so it really isn’t that much of a stretch. Eve and Theresa are technically sisters, but Eve was an adult when Theresa (who’s actually being played pretty close to her real age) was born in 1990. I’ve definitely seen bigger stretches as far as age issues on this show — Kristen allegedly having passed EJ off as her baby, anyone? — and Eve has been gone for a long, long time, so as long as there’s a good actress in the role, whatever. Tell me a good story and I’m generally happy.

For what it’s worth, Charlotte Ross actually addressed the casting in a very gracious tweet:

My biggest fear with this whole thing is that we’re going to get some instant Jennifer/Daniel/Eve triangle, and I swear, if I have to listen to one more woman in Salem extolling the virtues of Daniel Jonas…

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12 Comments on “Character Returns… With a New Face”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    My comment has nothing to do with this post, this is just driving me crazy and i had to ask. On Fridays episode when EJ is talking to Hope he said Gabi and Wil knoticed the cancer that almost cost Johnny his life. That was nicole wasnt it? She was looking through photos and saw he had one shiny eye or somthing? I dont recall Gabi and Will having anything to do with it unless they took the photos. Do you remember? I missed someof that storyline due to work and lack of DVR

    (I apologize for any typos my phone is spaztastic today.)

    • mykleraus Says:

      Now that you mention it… I have NO idea! The Nicole part sounds familiar, but that whole period was so weird. What a fun Christmas — a child loses his eye to cancer! (Also, it makes Johnny’s scenes a lot funnier/stranger to watch if you remember that he’s supposed to have a glass eye…) It seems like a weird detail for them to fudge/retcon, though, so maybe Will and Gabi really did have a role in that.

      • Erin L. Says:

        Yeah I really don’t remember them being a part of it. I thought it was a big thing that Nicole found it because it was at the time that she was being forced to wear the Tiffany Tracking Bracelet by EJ. And the fact that she figured out he had cancer made EJ warm to her. But yeah it is a strange fact to fudge BUT this is the show that just undid an entire main storyline in 30 seconds just so Brady and Theresa can hook up.

      • mykleraus Says:

        True. Haha. It just seemed like such a weird bit of history to drop in if they were going to alter it.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    I have no problem with recasting the role of Eve. It’s been decades since she was on screen. And they did attempt to bring back Charlotte Ross. Hopefully she can be involved with Lucas or Rafe rather than Daniel.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I totally don’t have a problem with a recast, especially since Charlotte Ross was approached and was ultimately unable to do it. The age seems to be the weird factor here, but she’s not that much older than CR! I feel like people are thinking that Eve should be Sami’s age rather than Jen’s.

  3. Dan Says:

    I’m torn on this announcement.

    Sweeney’s departure wasn’t a huge blow to me. Since Tomsell arrived, Sami has become less and less the center of the story, but rather a member of the ensemble. We still get “big Sami stories,” but we get more reaction, we get more crossover, and we get breaks in between.

    What did concern me about Sweeney’s departure was how the show would react. Last time Sweeney was in negotiations, it looked like she might get so they hedged their bets by looking for a big name soap star to take over for a role that hadn’t been seen in nearly a decade— the fiasco that was Taylor Walker. My fear was, once again, the show would hire a name talent for a recast role that wasn’t really right for them. And then they announced this casting…

    The decision to bring back Eve screams previous regime Tomlin/Higley/Whitsell. It’s probably the first casting move since J.J. returned that I feel seems genuine to what the last regime was all about. I’m dreading the return of Drake Hogestyn. Eve’s return should ignite some sparks in Jennifer’s story, which is desperately needed if they are to keep her in the center of the story. Given Eve’s music connections as well J.J.’s sudden interest in the guitar, I think things might get mighty messy. Plus, Eve has been gone for so long that there are certainly secrets that could be dug up. For me, bringing back Eve is the equivalent of bringing back Carly Manning, and that was a decision I really liked.

    With that said, I worry about DePaiva in the role. I don’t remember Eve from her first go around, but I just don’t see this working well. I have images of Tamara Braun and Natalia Livingston dancing in my head. I do hope DePaiva auditioned for the role rather than Greg Meng hiring a name and telling Tomsell to figure out how to make it work because I feel like that may happen more often than not.

    I want Eve to work, but I worry about DePaiva’s interpretation of the role.,

    • mykleraus Says:

      Really good point about the Eve and Taylor comparisons. That whole Taylor thing was such a damn disaster. I have a little more faith here because it’s clear they approached Charlotte Ross first and apparently had a plan, rather than just nabbing DePaiva and then figuring the rest (like who she’d play) out later. I really do love these ‘blank slate’ returns — Eve could be anybody at this point in life. At least she’s a good actress, unlike Livingston, who I found wooden and laughable, even though she is by all accounts a very nice person in real life. I can kinda sorta overlook the Braun thing because it’s clear that they panicked and were like, “Uh, do we know any decent actresses between 28 and 40?!” That was a complete miscast, but the character was already such a train wreck that it barely mattered. I just hope they have a REAL story in mind for Eve.

      • Dan Says:

        In theory, Taylor’s return was interesting. Nicole and her sister were going to be at odds over the same man should have worked. Also, I think at one point, there was even a casting call for someone who sounded like Eric. I could see how this would have all been interesting especially considering the current Eric/Nicole story is such a powerful tale which has potential to go on for some time. Anyway, the execution was typical Higley never living up to the potential the story could have delivered. Livingston was completely miscast, the story was hokey as f#ck, and the show was floundering in a mass exodus of it’s younger set. What upsets me is that we will probably never see Taylor again, which is disappointing because I love Arianne Zucker and her Nicole.

        I want Eve to work, but so many soap stars who have played long running roles get in the trap of just playing the role they are known for. I enjoyed Carly 2.0 even though the writing was more Olivia at times than Carly, but I felt Chappell at least tried to merge the two roles to make it appear this was the journey Carly had gone on, if that made any sense.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Carly 2.0 definitely felt like a hybrid of Carly and Olivia, but it pretty much worked for me — maybe because so much of Carly’s offscreen story was about how damaged she’d become. Maybe they can find a way to do that with this new Eve, too. Blair was such a reactive character by the end of OLTL, and she hadn’t really schemed in years and years, so maybe this will be a chance for KDP to cut loose.

        Taylor is one of those characters I’d be shocked if we ever saw again, because she was botched so badly. (I’m honestly shocked we ever got a return for her in the first place. She seemed destined to be relegated to the Basement of Forgotten Characters.) It was such a fiasco that I can’t imagine they’d want to risk dealing with her again, which is a shame.

  4. Michael Says:

    Was nice of her to tweet her successor good wishes, but since then she’s been tweeting things like “here’s a pic of my Emmy nominations from the 90s…I will be back in Salem one day” and retweeting fans tweets about how she’s the #RealEve #OnlyEveDonovan #Irreplaceable

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