The Job Market in Birmingham Must Be Awful

Does this Sheryl woman not find it strange that she’s having 4,000 interviews, spread all over Salem? Is she a graphic designer or a potential Secretary of State?

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.18.33 AM

Never mind that, while her graphic design experience has barely even come up, said interviews have focused heavily on a) her being from Birmingham and b) Jordan Ridgeway, who is also from Birmingham. “Yes, yes,” Kate says. “Do you think you could design, I don’t know, a beautiful spread featuring Jordan Ridgeway’s decapitated corpse? Not that I want to see that or anything, ha ha.” Clearly Sheryl will fit right in at Mad World, given how stupid she seems to be.

That said, I wouldn’t mind them giving Lucas a little side pairing, and the actress seems capable enough. (I remember her as one of the Jessicas from Passions — the one before the one who was literally walking product placement for Avon’s mark. line, and when that deal fell apart, they made her an actual whore, which was so hilariously meta and also terribly done, as was everything on Passions.) And I’ll be ready to hand her the keys to the Horton house if she actually moves this Jordan storyline along. If I have to listen to one more vague reference to “my past” or “what happened in Birmingham”…

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2 Comments on “The Job Market in Birmingham Must Be Awful”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Lol. Lucas and Sheryl had a conversation yesterday in which Lucas said “I’m not going to let the best graphic designer I’ve met in YEARS go just because of a ‘minor mix up’.” So silly..

    • mykleraus Says:

      To be fair, he probably doesn’t meet many graphic designers, since he never goes to work and everyone he knows spends their days at coffee shops/bars…

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